Upcoming Screenings


Cotuit Center for the Arts
January 29, 2013 @ 7:00PM
4404 Rte 28, Cotuit, MA 02635
Admission is free, donations accepted



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  1. I was in NY and was luckily invited through a friend to a screening of an uncut version of this amazing film. It is somehow also my story of balancing being an artist and a mother. We all have to balance, yet not everyone has to work another job to support themselves so they can do the job that is a calling like being an artist. I studied acting and mime professionally and suffered many severe depressions due to my struggles to balance being a mom, wife and artist… We all have different circumstances yet there is something similar that resonated with me seeing the film. It helped heal a wound. It helped me see myself more clearly. It reinforced what my struggle was about. Thank you for making this film.

  2. donna decker Says:

    How do we arrange such a screening on our campus — Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH? Donna Decker, Director Women in Leadership Program

    • How can I arrange for a showing of this wonderful film in Ashland, Oregon? I am a resident artist at the Ashland Art Center and could arrange to have it shown through Southern Oregon University or our local theater. Thanks for any info.

      • Hello Bonnie,
        Thank you for your interest in our film. Just for your information, we are hosting two screening in Oregon this month: April 23 at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River and April 25 at Cinema 21 Theater in Portland. Our director, Pamela Tanner Boll, will be attending both event. If you’d like to bring the film to Ashland, we do sell an Educational Version that could be purchased by Southern Oregon University and screened on their campus. You could also have your local theater contact us to set up a screening. For either options, have them contact us at info@whodoesshethinksheis.net for more information.
        Paula Kirk
        Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

  3. Bethe Bronson Says:

    Is this film going to come across the pond the England? Europe?

    Would love to see it screened in London, Cambridge, etc.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Can you send a quick note to:
    and we will set up a screening with you.
    Kerthy Fix

  5. Hi Bethe,
    We’re showing in four cities in Belgium in the Fall but no place in England. Got any suggestions or contacts at colleges, small cinemas, or women’s or art organizations that would want to book the film?
    Let us know and we will follow up.

    • Hi
      Would be interested to make contact as would like to talk about screening in the UK
      Carla Boulton

    • Susanne Karch Says:

      Just caught your film by accident last night on KCSM in SF Bay Area. It was GREAT!!!!!!! Please contact either the Lark Theatre, 549 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939 …. (415) 924-5111 or the California Film Institute, 1001 Lootens Place, Suite 220, San Rafael CA 94901
      T 415 383 5256 , development@cafilm.org to have them screen your film.

      These are both highly regarded and much visited local theatres that air Independent Films. The CA Film Institute was co-founded by George Lucas and I KNOW they will get a GREAT response by all of the wonderful female artists in our area.

      Thank YOU for creating this wonderful piece. I wish there was a CD available!!!!! Susanne

      • Susanne,
        Thank you for your wonderful comments about our film. We will definitely contact the theaters you mentioned to see if they would like to show our film. The version you watched on KCSM was the hour long cut of the film (for TV broadcasts) but our full length film is available on DVD….visit our website (www.whodoesshethinksheis.net) and click on the Store to purchase our Home DVD or our House Party Kit (available for small group screenings with friends and family).

  6. A screening in Philadelphia would be very successful. Check into the Painted Bride Art Center.

  7. Hi!

    The Women’s Studies Program at Iowa State University on April 6 at 7 pm, Hoover Hall 2055!


  8. Darragh,
    Could you contact Painted Bride and let them know you want to see the film there? This is how venues understand that there is local interest.

  9. Cathy Valentine Says:

    When will this movie be released in Australia? Melbourne in particular

  10. Tammy Ryan Says:

    I am a “professional” playwright and mother living in Pittsburgh, PA. I I saw the trailer of this film and burst into tears. This is my life! Do you have plans to come to PIttsburgh? Please, pleae show this film in Pittsburgh! And thank you for making it.

  11. Stacey Kacoyanis Says:

    Could you alert me when this film will be screening again in Massachusetts? I am sorry that I missed it when it was here. Thanks!

  12. margaret miller Says:

    Will you be in New York City at all this summer or fall?

  13. Bryan Dawkins Says:

    Have you talk to the Ontario film circuit http://www.filmcircuit.ca about doing a road show of your film. You would get a kick out of it as they have a lot of theaters and interested people. Your film is right for their demo graphics

  14. Please come to Victoria, BC! I’d love to see this film but I don’t yet see a screening planned for Vancouver Island. I’m sure lots of people would come to see this here.

    • Shannon: We played at the Pacific Cinemateque theater in Vancouver on April 17!!! So sorry you didn’t know. If you know of an independent theater in Victoria, you might mention the film to them…this is how we often get bookings. Also, our Canadian Distributor, Ryan Levey at Vagrant Films–might be planning to bring it to Victoria. I will ask!
      thanks, Pamela

  15. I’d like to see this film but can not find a screening anywhere in New York or Rhode Island. Would you consider showing at the up coming Newport Film Festival? Or the Tribeca Film festival? Also please let me know if you’re showing in either place.

    • Barbara:

      we’d love to come to New York city again. We are working on a couple of Brooklyn Venues. We will let you know.

      And Rhode Island–well, we’ve had three screenings in and around Providence over the last month or so. So sorry you missed those!! Keep an eye on the Upocoming screenings.” We may be doing more in the fall prior to the DVD release–which is planned for November.


  16. Katie Farrell Says:

    How do we get this movie in Arcata, CA. I think it would be a big hit here?

    • Katie:
      Is there a local theater in Arcata? We will be coming to San Francisco at the Red Vic in June–on the 11th and 12. Often, when we book a theater, we try to get other smaller theaters to show the film. Where is Arcata? And if there is a theater near by or a group that wants to host a screening—let us know.

      you can write here or to info@whodoesshethinksheis.net

  17. Joanne Masor Says:

    This looks so inspiring! When will you be in NYC? I really can’t wait to see this and try to speak to you guys, opps, gals!



  18. How can I get the film to be shown in Austin TX and in San Miguel de Allende MX?

    • Charlotte:

      Find us a local theater, tell them you want to see this film played. Give them our web page which has the trailer and the press kit and all our screenings. You can find that at http://www.whodoesshethinksheis.net and go for it!!

      Also, if you know of local arts, mothering, crafts organizations–tell them about the film and tell them to contact those same small theaters. When a local theater hears about a film that their customers are interested in seeing–they often want to show it.

      thanks, Pamela

  19. Will you be coming to Chicago – perhaps Northwestern University would be a good site.

    Any chance of it coming out in DVD?

    Sounds awesome. Wren

  20. Tammy, Stacey and Margaret — check out the added screenings above. We’ve got two dates in Amherst, MA and also at Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge, MA. Also, check out the Jenkintown screening in Pennsylvania and for New York, we’d love to do another date here but haven’t found the right locale. Any thoughts?
    Let us know,
    Kerthy Fix, Co-Producer

  21. tammy ryan Says:

    Pittsburgh Filmmakers pghfilmmakers.org would be a good venue in Pittsburgh. Another might be the Three Rivers Arts Festival which includes a film festival every smmer. Thanks for making this film and giving a voice to mother/artists! I can’t wait to see this film.

  22. Has there been any contact with The National Museum of Women in the Arts. Washington DC? I would love to see this.

  23. Bryan Dawkins Says:

    when it is released on dvd you should be able to play your film in smaller markets that rely on video projection to screen films. since joining your news ring I have left a population center to live in a farm community and that will be the only for local artist to see your film. but least we can show it on a big screen in a real theater

  24. Kathy Osborne Says:

    Please come to the DC/Baltimore area.

  25. I look forward to being able to purchase this film when it comes out on DVD. I want my adult daughters to see it. It touches on so many of the issues we have all dealt with as a result of my artist/mother life. Such an important film needs to be available to everyone!

  26. West coast? We really need some inspiration out here. If not, then perhaps DVD? I can at least watch it at home, if the three men in my house happen to fall asleep. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But still….

  27. The movie makes note of the disparity between the number of female art students vs the number of women in galleries. I have been an art instructor for many years and have experience exactly that same statistic – 80% of my students are female – serious, driven, female artists. But I have often wondered how they continue to work in their art when there are so few role models in the galleries. We would never think of publishing a book about men in art, and yet recently the publishing industry has trumpeted one or two rather thin compendiums about women in the art world as if that makes it all better.
    When will your film come to Toronto, Canada?

    • Brian:

      we were in Toronto earlier this Spring. But, our Distributor, Vagrant Films said that the theater was considering another engagement. Keep a look out on our upcoming screenings. also, it is ALWAYS helpful to ASK your local theater for the film. Thanks for writing

  28. Have you considered a screening at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC? I’d think this would be a perfect venue! Also, will the film be coming out on DVD? I am a (part-time) painter, but my daughter wants to pursue music as a career. Of course, I am fully encouraging her. This film seems very empowering and uplifting; I’d like for her to be able to view it when she’s in of a boost!

    • Liz:

      we’d love you and your daughter to see the film in Ohio. It will be playing in Cincinnati the second week of June. And…I’d love to screen in Columbus especially since Janis Wunderlich, one of our featured artists lives there…it always helps if you ask the local cinema to play the film. Also, it will be out on DVD as a House Party KIT–to screen with friends in late summer. look out on our web page!

    • Liz:

      omg, I somehow read another email and conflated them! We WOULD LOVE to screen in DC at the National Museum for Women in the ARts. Email them to let them know you’d like to see it there! and we will do so too, again. We actually had a good write up in their newsletter when the film came out and we had used much archival footage from their collection. But, so far, we’ve not been able to set a date.

      • I emailed the events coordinator at the National Museum in The Arts requesting that they screen this film and got no reply. I have taken matters into my own hands and we are screening the film at the Hillyer Art Center on Saturday, March 20th at 2pm. you need to RSVP to events@artsandartists.org because it is a small venue. I am hoping to host another small viewing party through the WPA in the coming months.

  29. I have been what I call a “maker”all my life, and my daughter is a very talented artist with 4 children. I would love to be able to see this film with her. Will it be showing in Ohio, in either the Toledo, Cleveland, or Columbus areas, anytime soon? She lives not far from, and is a graduate of, the College of Wooster where there is a very active women’s studies program. If it is not coming to our area, when might it be available for purchase on DVD or through local libraries or shown on Public television stations?

  30. I would like to know when you’re coming back to NYC. There’s an organization built around this principle that I am a member of.

  31. Artist Cate in Toronto Says:

    Any eastern Canada destinations to show this film? Or even Toronto…and the upcoming annual Toronto Film Festival in September?

    • Cate:

      we did show in Toronto earlier this
      spring. we MIGHT be back. Let me check with our Canadian Distributor, Vagrant Films. Also, it is helpful to ask your local independent theater to show the film. T
      heaters love hearing from their audiences about what they want to see.

  32. maureen Says:

    I would like to know if you are coming to the Los Angeles area at all. I am an artist just finding my vision now at 53 and I am wanting to hear more

  33. I would love to find out how I can see this movie. I live in the Chicago area. Please let me know…

    Thank you… Laurie

  34. Hello, i’d love to see this movie.. it’s a very important and interesting matter. Will there be some screenings in Quebec? Is it possible to get a copy of the movie ?

  35. What a great film! We would love to show this film at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York. Best, Gary Glazner Managing Director, Bowery Poetry Club

  36. It would be great to arrange a screening locally in Santa Ana Artists Village (california)!

  37. Hello-

    Are there any plans for screening in Portland, Oregon?


  38. I live in Minneapolis, MN and I would love to see this film. Please let me know how I can do so. Thanks!

  39. Will this marvelous film be shown in Australia, I am so looking forward to it and feel it would be a very important film for all to see, Thank you .

  40. We NEED this movie here – heard about from a friend/artist in San Diego – but I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands…St. Thomas, to be exact.
    Yes, I can find sponsors and a location but I need to know how much $$$.
    Isn’t that always the bottom line?? We’re ready, trust me!

  41. Where can I see a screening near Cape Cod, MA?

  42. Hi! I hope Los Angeles can be added to the Upcoming Screenings! I am a budding art therapist….I would love to set up a screening and info session. Congrats to Ms. Boll!

    • Hi Andrea –
      I’m not a licensed art therapist, but I think you would enjoy what we are doing at The ARTbar in Santa Ana — it’s very much like therapy when we open our studio with the mission “Everyone’s An Artist.” We’d love to invite you to come to one of our small screenings of the film. We purchased the House Party kit and each time we show it, we feel we are sending blessings out to those who watch it and go out into the world!
      — Nicole
      http://www.theARTbar.net (our schedule lists upcoming viewings.)

  43. Do you think that the indie film theaters “Laemmle” would show this film? We have several Laemmle theaters in California. I have so many girlfriend artists that would come see this with me!

  44. I would like to know when this movie will be shown in California. West Marin to be more precise.

  45. and DC!!! Will there be a screening at the National Museum for Women in the Arts?

  46. I missed the San Francisco showing. I would love to see it in Oakland or Berkeley.

  47. barbara m anderson Says:

    There are 3 venues in NYC that might be interested In WDSTSI. Cinema village on W 13th street, IFC on Ave Of the Americas , Symphony Space. W 95th street and broadway also in NYC. LOVE IT LOVE LOVE it

  48. I saw this film in Stonington, ME and found five sisters I didn’t know I had.

  49. Adriana Borzellino Says:

    Please contact me if it is possible to do a private screening of this film for 50-100 creative women in NYC. Unfortunately I missed the August 1 screening, but I am a part of several womens collective groups that I would love to bring this film to. I can provide more information on the groups once contacted.

    Thank you,

  50. Will this film be shown in Portland, OR?

  51. Any information about a showing in San Francisco Bay Area? Didn’t hear about an apparent earlier one.

  52. will this wonderful film make it to Australia?
    i would love to see it!!!!!!!

  53. I’d love to have this film screened here in Austin at the University of Texas. How could we arrange a screening?

  54. I am a Woman – I am a Grandmother –
    I am Mother to 5 children grown and 4 grandchildren
    I am Mother to students who needed me….
    I return to my art – but don’t know how to get out there – to go from doing art to being an artist

    • Patricia– thanks for writing. Have you tried putting your art out there over the internet? There are sites where art is bought and sold, sites where artists congregate. I know it is hard to go from doing the art to promoting it. And, I think that many of us feel that we shouldn’t have to Promote–the art should speak for itself. But, if it stays in your house and no one sees it–is it art? That is the question that Leonard Shlain asks in the film?

      Good luck and I wish you well.

      Pamela Tanner Boll

    • Hi Patricia,

      Try this: http://www.smartist-telesummit.com/live/ for art marketing for artists. It is an online workshop that has historically happened in January. It is on the net, meaning it is very convenient! Ariane Goodwin, is a great facilitator! Check it out!

      Also, this site: http://artdeadlineslist.com/ is a great resources list for artists.

      I have always said that two-thirds of the work goes on in the studio, and when I walk out the studio door portfolio in hand, the other two-thirds begins! Marketing is a lot of work.

      The SmARTist-Telesummit will connect you to a network of all kinds of other artists, as well as, a thorough range of experienced folks who can guide and inform your marketing savvy! Check it all out.

      The best of all successes to you, Patricia!

  55. I am so taken by the clips and long to see the film. Finding myself apart from motherhood, as a writer and photographer, has been the recent theme of my life. Hearing the voices of other women trying to figure out this balance is so encouraging!

    Are there possibilities for screenings in Northern California…..San Francisco Area?

    Thank you
    Shannon Pace

  56. I would love to have a screening here in my (college) town: Corvallis, Oregon!

    Several places I can think of to get it debuted here!

    Hope to hear back!!

    Thank-you for making this very important mirror/film for all women artists!

    Kerrie B. Wrye

  57. I watched the trailer tonight and was brought to tears. For the past 6 months I’ve been in intense personal turmoil over the tension to choose between an art career and being a mother. I attended several art conferences and spoke with various artists about this tension. Primarily, I met women who either choose not to have children or put their careers on hold for 20 years. Rarely–maybe one or two women–out of the 20+ I spoke with had been able to do both. And these women were more of the hobbyist nature. Please tell me that there will be a showing in Colorado. I live in Colorado Springs and bet that either Kimball’s movie theatre or Colorado College would be excellent venues. If there is anything I can do to help advocate the showing here, please let me know! Thank you! Amanda Jolman

    • CHOOSE YOUR TRUTH. Who knows that better than YOU? NO ONE.

      We are out here, pioneering solo and charting new territory.

      This blessed movie is just one more incredible project lending itself to ALL the ways women say: “YES! I CAN.”

      You go, girl. GO!

      • Thanks for the encouragement! We are screening the film tomorrow at the Symphony Space Theater in New York City as well as many other locales around the country and in people’s living rooms.

        For any and all of you who want to watch this film–thank you and here’s how. Contact your local theater or college or even your local library. Tell them abou tthe film. Say you know that there will be an audience. Tell them you will tell all your friends, mothers groups, artists, singers, and the men who love them. Then, send the theater or other to our web site: http://www.whodoesshethinksheis.net for details on how to set up a screening.

        This goes for the Colorado Springs…Corvalis, Oregon, England, Bethel Connecticut and all the wonderful people who would like the film.

        You can also buy a “HOUSE PARTY KIT” and show the DVD to friends and family. The Kit includes the DVD, follow up extras, invitations, a poster and provocative cards–everything you need for a Party!

  58. This movie address my life in a nutshell. I had an artist friend (a woman) say “If you have another child you will never make it as an artist,” Now with two young children my life I’ve spent years running from the studio back into the house to nurse my babies–running back and forth changing diapers, helping with homework, making sculpture. I’ve sold work to collectors with a toddler running around. Has it made me less successful? No. My works keeps selling despite having children. I have less time to feel sorry for myself because I have too many people to take care of. Sometimes I just feel like I’m out in the ocean without a map–where are the other “art Moms?” and do they feel as if they are pioneers discovering and struggling to keep things afloat?

    • Yeah! For you!! Choosing to be strong and true for yourself and ultimately for your babies also!!
      What an example we set for our children when we remain true to ourselves!!
      No one wrote the definitive book on healthy parenting!

  59. Please come to the Bethel CT theater or to our Town Hall in Newtown CT. I am a mother rof three a painter and my oldest daughter is a poet and Artist student.
    I will arrange for a fabulous screening if you need support. 203.994.2834

  60. Catherine Ventura Says:

    I would like to lead the charge on a Hong Kong screening. I’ll suss out a venue if you can contact me for possible dates. Any specifications that I should be aware of?
    All the best on getting the word out there.

  61. I would love to have a screening in Kansas City!!! We have several great venues that I’m sure would be willing to host such a fantastic film. I am a visual merchandiser and fashion designer and would love to help support a screening in my area, please let me know if this would be possible!!!

    • Angie: My sister, Christina German, who lives in Kansas City is working to have it screened at the Kemper Museum of Art. She says sometime next year, they are doing a show on women artists, so this film, might work for them.

      It always helps to have people from the community calling these museums and or independent theaters and recommending that they show the film. The more calls they get, the more likely the screening!

      If you have a local favorite theater, ask about screening it there too. Send them to our web site–we’ve shown in over 150 cities to grand reviews!

  62. louise blakeway Says:

    will this film be coming to the UK at all. I know a lot of women who would like to see this film.

  63. hello,

    i am a small business owner, i run a gallery and small retail boutique.

    i would love to show your film. we show films at least once a month.

    could you point me in the right direction?

    thanks so much.

    ms. tyler briggs

  64. I, too, would love to see this in Washington, D.C!

  65. Hi Ms. Briggs and Claire,

    There are two ways you can see/show the film. You can buy a house party kit which allows you to show it to groups of 50 or less.

    Or you can request that your local digital cinema show the film on Nov. 8th as part of the National House Party event. In the theaters, you’ll be able to watch a live talkback with the director and the artists in the film. You can Twitter questions (@wdstsi) while you watch. If you attend a house party on this day, you can watch the talkback at 4:30 (est), 1:30 (pst) at this web address:

  66. Katharina Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m in Germany and I’d love to get to see your film! So I suggested it to my local indie-movie-theater and they are interested in showing it. How can we get it done and what will it cost them?
    Thank you so much for answering !

  67. Rie Harris Says:

    You wrote, “But, if it stays in your house and no one sees it–is it art?” YES!!!I do think what one creates blesses and changes the world when the world see it. In addition, showing it to the world blesses the artist. But I also feel that even if no one ever sees it, even if what is on the paper/canvas doesn’t look like much, if I have spent an hour looking at the model, admiring and wrestling with the lines and forms, then I come away a different person, having engaged in the creative process. And where there is the creative process, there is art.

    (perhaps I did not understand the quote-I haven’t seen the film yet- but I had to respond, because I so believe the process is more valuable than the product,)

    • Rie:
      The process IS vital and yes, it has an impact on one’s world, point of view and the people in the artist’s world. But, ultimately, I believe that to make art and not let it “go out there” in the world is like writing in a notebook and putting the writing back into a drawer.

      What I am saying, too, is that while the process is vital–too often, women tell themselves that they don’t “need” that extra attention. They tell themselves that it is unbecoming to want one’s work to be noticed. Childish. “Look at me!”

      But, art is not about seeking attention–it is about how one sees the world. It is about “this is what matters to me, and I want to share it with you. I want you to know what I care about.”

      Keep doing the art, but don’t be afraid of showing it, don’t be afraid of having a conversation with the world.

  68. […] will speak on a panel about the documentary film Who Does She Think She Is? – check the link for screening dates, times, and […]

  69. This has so resonated with me! I would love it to come to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania! It would be great if it came to Philadelphia or any of the surrounding independent film co. It should be accessible to all women/moms/artists!

    • Hey Indigene:

      we’ve actually shown in the Philly area a couple of times–too bad you didn’t get a chance to see it.

      It is available as a “House Party Kit” on our web site–www.whodoesshethinksheis.net
      The House Party includes a DVD of the film along with follow up interviews with the artists, playing cards illustrated by the artists, invitations, a poster–everything you’d need for a Party. Invite friends! Serve Tea. Have fun with this provocative and, really joyful film.

  70. I am sorry that my community is not going to be doing a screening on this date, HOWEVER! I am very please to announce that Corvallis, Oregon is making progress in creating a screening date and venue partnership! It looks like there will probably be TWO screening dates that take shape, where Pamela will be invited to present at one of these screenings!!

    I am so excited this is happening! It is very slow around here,(for me) but if something’s worthwhile it DOES get done!

    Stay tuned for updates on our progress!!

  71. Margaret Garcia Says:

    I saw a clip of this film earlier in the year. It was reposted to my facebook page. I wanted to share it with a group of women I have started called a Circle of Women, but somehow am not accessing the clip any more. I would definitely be interested in any screening in Los Angeles where I would be able to invite these women to the screening. This is definitely important work. Thank you for so much.

  72. Yes, please tell us when an LA screening will take place! We are waiting on the edge of our seats.

  73. A Los Angeles screening would be fabulous. I know a hundred or more artist friends who would go

  74. Hi it would be great to see the film screen in London UK. Any plans for coming this way?.
    I found you through the web page of Camille Musser. We are from the same island of St Vincent .I have tried to email her but it keeps bouncing back.If possible can you pass my email onto her please.

    Great Work

    • We are passing your information on to Camille Musser! We don’t have any plans for screenings in London, but we do have a House Party Kit available through our website that includes the DVD, a companion guide, invitation postcards and discussion starter cards all illustrated with our featured artists work (including Camille’s!).

  75. Mercedes Ferrari Says:

    Hi, so good to have seen this film! This is my life too, I’m a new mum who had to stop my degree in Fine Art to care for my little girl and now I feel like I will never be able to do my artwork since I can see how tiring is being a mother, partner, housewife, etcc… etc…

    But I don’t want to be a woman who has to choose and I’m in the process of creating a mother and baby group called “We are mothers and artists” in Brighton (UK), this film has given me the energy to keep pursuing my goals and think positve about my career as an artist.

    I’m definately going to buy the dvd and play it hopefully soon in my first meeting with other mothers artists.

    Please keep me updated in anything related to this.

  76. Really interested in seeing this. Hope you come to Boston again in 2010.

    • Pamela Boll will be speaking at the Concord Art Association on Feb. 25th at 7pm. She will be discussing the making of Who Does She Think She Is? as well as showing some clips & update videos. Also she will be talking about Art & Caring: Twin Passions Toward Transformation! We will be selling the DVD after the lecture! The CAA is charging $10 for members and $20 for non members.

  77. Your message is so very important!

  78. I am so disappointed that I hadn’t heard of this film before and am very inerested in attending a screening in Seattle or hosting a screening at my home. Any word on a Seattle date?

  79. Debbie Yanta Says:


    • The ARTbar in the Santa Ana Artists Village is hosting small private screenings in our art studio: http://www.theARTbar.net. We’d love to have you. Just RSVP to save your space at 714-558-2445. Space is limited to 20 at each viewing. No charge. Small donations optional for wine, light refreshments.

  80. Martha Huber Says:

    Please come to Seattle!!! Please please please.

    • We were actually already in Seattle last April at the SIFF Cinema. We had two screenings there and we really enjoyed the audience reactions! Have your local independent theater contact us to set up another screening! We’d love to send the film back out to Seattle!

  81. We have a screening coming up on March 27th 2010 in Atlanta GA in support of SWAN day . Please check us out http://whodoesshethink.bravenewtheaters.com/screening/show/13827–atlanta-ga-



    Cultivating Creativity While Nurturing Offspring

    Great Barrington, MA
    10 February 2010

    The Berkshire Art Kitchen will kick off its spring season with a series of events organized by artists Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum. In conjunction with Women’s History Month and aimed to celebrate women artists, the events focus on the daily-ness of art and the challenges of juggling mothering and creativity. The series will include an exhibition, artist talk, workshop and movie screening.

    On the programs within the series, the artists state: “We hope to share with our participants- gallery viewers, workshop takers and moviegoers, the recognition that art is not separate, it is immediate and a healing force available to everyone without special requirements. With a glue stick and scraps from our day, we can begin a dialogue with our present world, and illuminate our perceptions. This playful engagement with our daily activities acts as balm for all sorts of need. The tools to begin are all we hope to help people discover what they already have.”

    Opening on March 5th 2010 will be Fe-Mail :: An Exhibition of Mail Art by Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum. The exhibition features the inspirational “Postal Discourse” between Baum and Arp-Sandel, consisting of over seventy-five mixed media postcards sent through the US Postal Service over a period of three years. The exhibition will run through April 30 and will be complimented with a series of events related to “The Daily-Ness of Art” mantra to which the two locally based artists subscribe.

    Artists’ Reception
    A public opening reception will be held on Friday, March 5th from 5:30- 7:30 pm. Meet the artists and read their mail! The event is free and open to the public.

    Gallery Talk

    Join Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum on Wednesday March 31 at 7:00 pm for an intimate gallery talk about the quiet radical act of collage “snail mail” communication in the face of a fast paced electronic-tech world. The Fe-Mail artists will narrate a personal tour of the “front and back stories” encoded in 1,000 days of visual collaboration.

    With the Fe-Mail exhibition as a backdrop, Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum will teach The Daily-ness of Art, a daylong experiential workshop to inspire participants with easy tips about making collage art on a daily basis using everyday ideas and materials. No muss no fuss! The Workshop runs from 9:30 – 4:30 on Saturday April 10th. The workshop is open to 16 participants. The cost is $ 80, which includes $5 materials fee and the evening program.

    Movie & Discussion
    The workshop culminates with an inspirational evening movie and discussion from 7:00 – 9:00 pm on Saturday April 10th of “Who Does She Think She Is?”, a moving documentary about women artists who navigate the balancing act between motherhood and artistic expression.

    The screening, which is open to the community for a donation of $10 to support BAK, premieres “Who Does She Think She Is?” by Pamela Tanner Boll and Nancy Kennedy. The movie chronicles the lives of 5 working artists who are mothers. It explores the barriers to the creative process and how art ultimately transforms women’s lives and those around them. The discussion will be facilitated by three exhibiting artist-mothers Karen Arp-Sandel, Suzi Banks Baum and BAK founder, Gabrielle Senza. You can learn more about the movie at http://www.whodoesshethinksheis.net.

    The Berkshire Art Kitchen was founded in 2009 by artist Gabrielle Senza as an alternative venue for creativity, connection and change. Part gallery and part art salon, the Berkshire Art Kitchen is known for its high-quality exhibitions and handcrafted gifts, intimate house-concerts and film-screenings, as well as an exceptional collection of one-of-a-kind Artists’ Books.

    The Berkshire Art Kitchen is open Friday – Sun 12:00 – 5:00 pm, and most weekdays by chance or appointment. For more information, visit http://www.BerkshireArtKitchen.com or call 413.717.0031.

  83. Nelson, BC, Canada has a fabulous art center, OXYGEN that would be interested in a screening.

  84. Cynthia Says:

    This would be an awesome show to connect with the Women of the World Poetry Slam happening in Columbus, Ohio March 10-14. It’s probably too late to arrange a screening there – but I’d encourage you to get in touch with them. wow.poetryslam.com

  85. Looks fabulous… but when can I see it in Sydney, Australia?

  86. Is there a screening scheduled for Australia?

  87. Please note that we have had to change locations and as a result the times for our March 27th screening of the documentary. If you are in the Atlanta area please join us!

    Saturday, March 27, 2010
    Time: 2:45pm – 6:00pm
    Location: Cafe Slush
    Street: 491-F Flat Shoals Avenue, SE
    City/Town: Atlanta, GA 30316

    For more information please visit- http://whodoesshethink.bravenewtheaters.com/screening/show/13827-atlanta



    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  88. C. Holloway Says:

    I was surprised to find out at the last minute that the time and location had been changed for the Atlanta Screening. The original location was near the Spelman campus and convenient to the many women at the College. I informed my senior art students about the screening’s time and location. Unfortunately, I received no email to alert me of the change in venue or time. When I checked the website in preparation to get to the original destination, I found that I had already missed it. Depending on when my students viewed the website, they may or may not have known about the change either.
    Hopefully, the screening will return to Atlanta at some future date. Please use emails to alert people in advance when there is a change that may affect attendance. I was looking forward to this screening…I’m sorry I missed it.

    • We apologize for the late notice, but we were not notified of the change until Mar 25th… we changed it right away on our upcoming screenings. We can tell you that changes like this don’t happen very often….as we didn’t arrange the screening (a distributor did), we’re not sure what the details are. We’re not sure when the film will be screening in the Atlanta area again, but please go to our website to find out information about either purchasing the Educational DVD for your school (you could then screen it there for your students and keep it in your school’s library) or the House Party Kit to show a small group of friends, family, or colleagues! Thank you for your support of Who Does She Think She Is?

  89. Finally! It looks like I am going to make it to a screening event with Pamela in attendance at long last!

    I have only been trying since October to be the first in the state to host a successful screening event. I don’t understand why there appears to be so little support to attend or host this film?!

    Could it be fear of personal and intra-personal success in some places?

    I am just very glad that it is screening reasonably nearby to make sure I go sit with a group of other women artists, to watch together and also speak with Pamela.

    Looking forward to this Sunday’s event in Portland!

  90. Erika Shiraishi Says:

    Montreal, please!!!!
    I really want to see this movie!!!

  91. Genevieve Says:

    What about Gabriola Island, BC? I would love to get involved bringing this film to our island. The local movie theatre, “The Roxy” would be a great venue! Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thanks!

    • Genevieve, I will pass this information on to our Canadian theatrical distributor to see if we can bring our film to Gabriola Island. Thanks for your interest in our film!

  92. i’m in austin texas and we’d LOVE to see this film come to austin!

    • We’d love to bring the film to Austin. Please let us know the name of a local independent theater and we can contact them to see if they’d be interested. Also, many organizations have used the film as a fundraiser. You can contact me at info@whodoesshethinksheis.net.

  93. D. como Says:

    I would like to know of any future screenings in the New Jersey/New York area.
    Thank you, Donna Como

    • We don’t have anything planned right now (we just screened in Metuchen and we aired on Channel 13 on Mother’s Day) but have your local theater contact us (info@whodoesshethinksheis.net) and we can work something out. Also, the DVD is available on Amazon right now!

  94. Any chance the film will come back to the SF Bay area again? Or be released on DVD? I just found out about it and am keen to see it! Thank you.

  95. Sorry, I just looked again and saw that it is indeed on DVD! That’s great.

  96. Hi: Can you tell me when this will be playing in Oregon? Thanks, Jan

    • We just played in Hood River and Portland in April so as of today, we don’t have any plans to screen there. If you want to see the film, you can purchase the DVD on Amazon!

  97. CHICAGO please… plenty of places to fit all sizes of audience.. 🙂
    Thank you !!

  98. Hoping I did not miss an Orlando area screening? PLEASE come to the Enzian Theatre in Maitland !! (Home of the Florida Film Festival)

  99. This resonates with me on so so many levels! I am a mama-artist and I create birth art mandalas (http://themandalajourney.com/). The birth of my daughters has impacted me and my art in the most profound way. How do we do a screening in Denver?!

  100. Solange Foix Says:

    This really change everything to me…
    I was told so many times the same words that you expressed on your video…
    I am feeling it and I am living it …
    Love and light

  101. No one should have to “choose” creativity!! This world would be a better place, if we cultivated every artist. Talk about “saving” the children…

  102. I simply must watch this film. I hope it comes to Melbourne, Australia. 🙂

    • We currently don’t have any plans to come to Australia….though we’d love to have a screening there. Our House Party Kits are currently available on Amazon and we will be selling our Home DVDs soon on our website (including both NTSC & PAL versions).

  103. what about winnipeg manitoba Canada for a screening?

  104. When I was six I wanted to be an actress and was told I was stupid. to want that. I wanted to paint and was told it was not realistic, I wanted to write and was told my ideas were intimidating and not pleasing. I didn’t care. what anyone said.. My soul was starving to do art. Art saved my life….art showed me the way to heal my life… express my soul.. For so many women art has been the lover, teacher, friend and guru . Art is the spirit of the creating and creation. My life, career is inspired by my prophetic artist and others who dare to speak their truth through art. I just started an organization, Give Her A Voice, a non profit, chartiable organization whose mission is to heal trauma and abuse through art and holistic processes. We are having our first fundraising theatrical event. April 10th. Will there be a screeing in South florida.?.. Thank you… http://www.martaluzim.com. or http://www.giveheravoice.com .. I am putting this trailer on my blog… thank you.

  105. Hello,
    Are you planning any screenings in NYC anytime soon? A small group of women on Roosevelt Island, possibly as many as 25-30, would be interested in viewing it. Please advise and thank you.

  106. Hello. By any chance would you be interested in a screening in Rome, Italy?

    I teach Media, Art, and Social Activism at The American University of Rome. Our class blog is here: http://socialactive.wordpress.com . I’d love to show your film before May if possible. Thanks for your consideration.

    Best Wishes,

  107. I would LOVE to see the film in the Chicago area,unfortunately just mised out on the Forest Park showing,any chance it will hit indie theaters in Chicago?

    • We are going to airing our film in the Chicago area on PBS on the following dates/times:

      WYCCDT 3/13/11 8:00 PM Chicago IL
      WYCCDT 3/19/11 7:00 PM Chicago IL

      Hope you get a chance to see it then!

      • myles glasgow Says:

        I saw it along with Veiled Voices when watching WYCC and thought it fit pefectly with my “feminism” discussion in our ethics class at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago. Most, In paricular, I was impressed with the statement that one of the artists stated, i.e. that in the pursuit of doing her art she discovered her self, or something close to that statement. Very close to what Aristotle implies in his Nicomachean Ethics as I teach it.

  108. Your response is huge! I, too, would love to see the movie. Have you applied to the Newport Beach Ca. Film Festival?

    • We have gone through many film festivals in the past few years, but I don’t think we’ve been at the Newport Beach Film Festival. We’ll have to check it out! Thanks for writing, Janet.

  109. valencia Says:

    Missed this and a friend just sent me a link…any chance you will re-air this in the Chicagoland area? Is there a way to get a link to it online or order the dvd? Thanks!

  110. I am an Artist in Vancouver Canada! Will you have a screening here? Or perhaps, I can purchase the DVD for a group. If you can come to Vancouver Canada, I am available to help you in any way. My web site is http://www.laggallery.com Thank You for putting this wonderful film together. It is very informative and inspiring ~ Gylliayn

  111. I need to see this film, I am on Vancouver Island BC Canada.
    I can truly relate to this, I am sitting here at the computer with paint stains on my hands almost crying at the frustration of unfullfilling my artistic dreams in the day to day reality of raising children, earning, and life in general…it all gets in the way of my art and I am sick and frustated by this mediocrity which at times spins me into depression.

  112. Stephanie Says:

    Hello, I would love to see this documentary come to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Any plans? A distributor I should contact?

  113. Are there any further screenings scheduled in the Boston are? I didn’t know anything about the Winchester one or I would have publicized it widely.

    • We don’t currently having any specific screenings planned for the Boston Area….however we will be broadcast on the WORLD Channel on June 25th at 7am, 1pm, and 8pm and on June 26th at 1am. Go to our post for details.

  114. Something is wrong with the World Channel link. The page doesn’t completely load so you can’t choose a state and see if a PBS station in your area is showing the film.
    We’re an artist association based in Boston and like most of these groups, we are 95% women. Would really like to show this film to our group and/or let them know if it will be shown on WGBH in Boston.

    • The film did show on WGBH….hope you were able to see it there. If not, you can purchase our House Party Kit ($29.95) and it has a license to show the film to an audience of up to 50 people. Also, check with your local library to see if they will purchase a copy for their video collection.

  115. I am now not certain the place you’re getting your information, however great topic. I must spend a while learning more or working out more. Thanks for excellent information I was on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  116. Terrific work! This is the kind of info that should be shared around the net. Disgrace on Google for no longer positioning this put up higher! Come on over and visit my website . Thanks =)

  117. Really looking forward to the Ft. Worth Screening! Go Chick Flicks!

  118. Looking for a screening in Denver,Colorado!!!!

  119. Will it be shown in the Detroit area or Ann Arbor?

  120. I live in Oakland, CA. Are there any plans for a future showing in the bay area? Or can I help facilitate one?

  121. Hello,
    I believe you’re screening in Belgium soon. Have you located any spaces in the UK willing to work with you?
    Kind regards,

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