House Party Screening in Amesbury, Massachusetts

“Fe-Mail” artists Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum will hold a house party screening of “Who Does She Think She Is?” this Saturday in Amesbury, MA.  Starting at 6pm, house guests can view the documentary and participate in a discussion following the movie.  Suzi and Karen will facilitate the discussion.

Better yet, call our host, Bonnie Brady and register for the day-long workshop we will be leading prior to the movie, “The Daily-Ness of Art”. Information about both of these events can be found by calling Bonnie at 978-388-4051 or by email at .  You can read more about the “Fe-Mail” artists at or their websites : or about Suzi at We look forward to seeing you there!

One Response to “House Party Screening in Amesbury, Massachusetts”

  1. The Fe-mail event with the Amesbury screening of the film resonated with the themes of the women portrayed in the film. Our discussion was deep and satisfying. I learned more about how women think about themselves and creativity. It is clear that women who pair mothering and a profession, are master jugglers and often put their creative desires on the low end of their to-do lists. There is great power in women gathering to be creative. When we give voice to these issues & the feelings aroused by this evocative film, we strengthen our resolve to birth change for ourselves and to strive for solidarity. Women speaking their truth into their Circles are women coming into their power.

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