Comment from a House Party Screening!

We just had to share this wonderful comment that came in from a fan about our House Party Kit:

Hello! I purchased the house party kit for myself before Christmas because I knew I would want to share it with friends. I had the chance to see the film at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2008 and could not get it out of my head. This past Sunday, March 14, 2010 I hosted a screening for the Stoughton Art Association in Stoughton, MA and though there were torrential downpours and wind we had a loyal and interested group of about 16 artists join us. What a joy it was to see the reactions and enthusiasm from these women that I had had during my first viewing of this film. Tears on more than a few faces, and passionate discussion followed the screening as well as several invitations for me to show the film at other local art associations. Thank you for making this film! It continues to inspire me and many others to stay on this creative path no matter what the obstacles are.

~Andrea McKeen

Our House Party Kit is now available at Please leave feedback at Amazon about the film and let Netflix know that you want to be able to rent it from them!  Thanks again for all your support!


One Response to “Comment from a House Party Screening!”

  1. I also had the opportunity to view this film at the university I attend. Thanks for making it. I think it was very necessary. It’s comforting to know that there are others with the same challenges and to see how they deal with them.

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