Maya Tulum Paradise

Pamela at Cancun Airport

Over two weeks ago, I left the wet, cold northeast to meet with other filmmakers and just plain friends at Maya Tulum.  It’s our annual Yoga Retreat with the beautiful and talented Colleen Saidman!

My friend and amazing Executive Co-Producer, Geralyn White Dreyfous, for Born Into Brothels, as well as In A Dream and the upcoming Connected with Tiffany Shlain, met me at the resort a day ahead and had already booked some spa treatments.   Thanks, Geralyn!

We had such a lovely time that I stayed another ten days and I am on the plane back to Boston as we speak.

After spending nearly forty weeks on the road last year–doing screenings of Who Does She Think She Is? as well as speaking engagements–I was truly in need of this break.

I woke at dawn every day, and sat outside my cabana to draw the pelicans diving for fish outside my door into the blue-green ocean.  We did two yoga classes a day and what in between?? Talked.  Ate. Laughed.

A wonderful, restorative trip!  I wished I could have stayed another month.

Well, there is always next year.

And now, I am headed back to Boston where Paula and I will organize the next set of screenings–some are planned for out West–as well as manage our sales of the House Party Kit.   If you or anyone you know would like a Kit–please go to and please leave feedback on Amazon so they will continue to sell our film there (as well as on Netflix so they will purchase for video rentals!).

If you know of a public library, art museum, university or other school who would like to arrange a screening—it’s easy.  Write to us at and the wonderful Paula Kirk, our Outreach and Marketing Coordinator (and my long time right hand woman) will guide you through it.

Yours, Pam


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