ArtDimensions Screening in February a Success!

Julie Gant, from ArtDimensions, wrote to tell us about their successful “Dinner and a Movie” event on Sunday, February 28th held at ArtDimensions 2720 Cherokee Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri.  Here’s what she had to say about their screening of Who Does She Think She Is?:

The “Dinner and a Movie” event was fantastic. We had about 96 people attend and raised money for the two co-hosting organizations: ArtDimensions and the Missouri Art Therapy Association (MATA). Doors opened at 4:00 and from 4:00 – 5:00,  participants had the opportunity to view the current exhibit “Homegrown and Handpicked” in ArtDimensions new gallery space at 2720 Cherokee Street (in St. Louis).  We had a cooking demonstration of two types of hummus and then samples were given out and we had a representative from Align providing XS energy drink and “perfect water” drink samples. The whole event was catered by Tornatore’s Catering Company and movie-goers enjoyed two types of pasta, rolls and a delicious salad.  One studio within the gallery held samples of the artwork created by the artists from the film “Who Does She Think She Is?” along with some of the discussion starter cards for participants to contemplate before and after viewing the film.

Then came the highlight of the evening. We projected the film on a large wall of the gallery and the nearly 100 people there enjoyed the movie and afterward it was received by a round of applause. I saw tear-stained faces and heard a plethora of comments of how powerful and impactful the movie was. The art studio with artwork from the film’s artists became a space for participants to create a responsive piece of artwork and discuss the film afterward. Again, the comments heard and themes relayed spoke to how powerful the film was and how well it was produced.  Many people wanted to know how they could see it again or how they could show it to other groups they were involved with.

In follow up, our own ArtDimensions organization is working hard to re-establish the Flax Gallery within our large gallery space. The Flax Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting artwork from female artists and plans are in the works for 6 or more upcoming exhibits to highlight the female artists of our community.
Thank you, Julie, for keeping us up-to-date.  We love to hear about audience reactions to the film.  If you live in the St. Louis, MO area, please support ArtDimensions and the Missouri Art Therapy Association.

2 Responses to “ArtDimensions Screening in February a Success!”

  1. This is an amazing video of women artist’s and the struggles that we all endure for the sake of our work and children. For the sake of what is our life. I print my body and then work with the image that emerges. For 16 years I have led other women to do the same. It seems like women need to be given permission.
    My kids were in soccer, basketball, boy scouts, I was a campfire girl leader. Few of the other mothers knew about my work. When I was with my kids, I was as devoted to what they needed from me as the rest of the mom’s in suburbia, and when in the studio I was devoted to my art in the same way.
    Now they have grown and my adult children are amazing people who approach the world with a unique lens. Artist Mother’s kids are the people that can change the generations to come!

  2. This movie really has a powerful message. For a long time I’ve been trying to explain to my boyfriend (and any man who will listen) the turmoil I feel over being a woman in a male dominated art world. It’s not to say that he didn’t believe the art world is male dominated, but I don’t think he believed it is a significant problem. I brought my boyfriend to see this film viewing with me and it really opened up a dialogue between us. Once he saw the statistics of the Gorilla Girl’s and heard the stories of several female artists I think it was easier for him to understand what I’d been trying to communicate to him. I hope more men will see this movie.

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