NuPath Saved the Day!

Recently, we’ve had some shipping nightmares.  The biggest nightmare was that we lost four boxes of House Party Kits that were shipped from New York to Winchester (2 boxes arrived completely empty, 1 box had damaged kits in it with the contents strewn everywhere, and the final box wasn’t even a box, just the label that arrived in one of the USPS plastic envelopes with the damaged contents inside!)

We also had a problem sending some House Party Kits to the MFA in Boston so we decided it was time to get these beautiful boxes shrink wrapped to protect them and to make sure they arrived in the best condition possible.  Our distributor in New York, Emerging Pictures, has been shrink wrapping any HPKs that are ordered online because they are in the business of distributing and had the equipment.  But, if orders are coming through our office here in Winchester, how could we shrink wrap them easily as we don’t have the supplies, equipment or knowledge to do this?

After some online research, I found the perfect company to handle the job of shrink wrapping the 100 House Party Kits I had in the office.  NuPath is located in Woburn, right next to Winchester.  The mission of NuPath (formerly known as CMARC) is to provide for people with disabilities the support needed to live, work, learn, grow, and participate to their fullest potential in their community. NuPath embraces diversity, appreciates each person’s uniqueness, and treats everyone with respect.  They quoted us a great price to shrink wrap our HPKs and had the job done in less than one hour!  What a wonderful company to work with and their mission of appreciating each person’s uniqueness was a perfect match for Who Does She Think She Is? and Mystic Artists!  Look at our final product:

Paula with Our Shrink Wrapped HPK in Winchester Office!


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