Straight from the Heart

Straight From The Heart

After our recent screening on November 8th in New York City at Symphony Space, we heard from Agnes Fallah Kamara-Umunna, Founder/Executive Director of Straight from the Heart, who had attended the screening with a number of women from her organization. Straight from the Heart is a Human Resource Development project designed to reach out to the victims, survivors and perpetrators in Liberia and in other communities through dialogue and leadership empowerment. SFTH enhances human dignity, through Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Reconciliation. Their target community in Liberia and the United States is the War Affected females and their families.

Here is the message from Agnes:


Thank you for allowing my Liberian women coming out from their house to watch your film. “Who Does She Think She Is.” On our way most of the women were crying and they saw themselves in the film. Because of this we are playing the film in some of the churches and Mosque in Staten Island starting this weekend. The women asked we play the film for Liberian girls who are born in the US from Liberian mothers who saw themselves in the film. I bought one for our group and five other women brought it for their houses.
I am very interested in this opportunity and feel that the film will change the lives of our women am working with here in the US. I am especially excited about the women wanting to own the film for their children. The women said your next film should be on Africa women.  Am going to Liberia and will play the film and do some group discussion and do video recording this Christmas break.

We are delighted by the response of these inspiring women from Liberia and thrilled that they want to share the film with their daughters. Agnes will be bringing the film to Liberia over the holidays and will be sending us back images from these screenings that we will share with you on our blog.  For more information about Straight From The Heart, visit their website.

How encouraging to see our film and its important message being spread around the world!


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