Musings on New York City Symphony Space Screening, Jami Sieber “Unspoken”


Our WHO DOES SHE THINK team, putting together those House Party Kits

Last Sunday, it all came together–WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? screened at Symphony Space and other theaters around the country as well as at House Parties.  The Event was wonderful!! Despite sunny weather, people streamed into the Symphony Space–a gorgeous theater on the Upper West Side and people tweeted?? Tweetered? questions from all over the Country!!

Angela Williams, Courtney Martin, Camille Musser and Janis Wunderlich were our onstage stars.  Every once in a while I catch myself remembering back when this film was just an idea….back at my kitchen table in 2003, where I am now typing this blog, when I told, ever so tentatively our three sons and my husband that I was going to make a film….and their response, “mom, you can’t even turn on the camera.”  And my husband, “that sounds good, Pamela”  looking very nervous… Six years later, the film is made, has been shown all over the country and Canada and people write in every day to thank us.  And, as my son, Cameron says in our follow up video–see it on Youtube –and Mom, you still can’t turn on the camera.

Since then, my three beautiful boys have left home for college, I have traveled all over the states, first to film, with our so talented camera man, Gary Henoch and not to be ever replaced, Will Dunning and my original Producer and very dear friend, Micki Seligson.  Then a year of editing and another year–the second with Nancy Kennedy in New York City–Nancy who has edited some amazing films, “Why We Fight?”  “For the Bible Tells me So”  among them….and for this past year, to speak at screenings all over the place–museums, art centers, universities.  Can you Believe IT??  Do what you love and who knows what will happen.

So, it is 5:45 am and I am on my way in a couple of hours to attend the National Women’s Studies Association Conference down in Atlanta with Lindsay Richardson, our Outreach Coordinator.  We will have a booth there, to hilight the film.  We also will be selling our House Party Kits, and Educational DVDS.  Go to the website to see both

The House Party Kits–which four of us spent hours assembling back in Brooklyn last week, are gorgeous.  Embossed cover, the DVD with follow up interviews with each artist, then Invitations, a Poster, and cards illustrated with our visual artists work…They are out, they are for sale and they would make a great Holiday gift for a woman you love.  you can buy them directly from the website!

I am listening to a hauntingly beautiful piece of music by one of my new favorites,  Jami Sieber.  She is a Celloist.  This piece is “The Unspoken.”  It is a collaboration with the poet Kim Rosen.  you can find her at

So, the coffee I am drinking tastes like dark water–probably it is too old.  I hardly ever drink coffee at home and I guess this is why.  I’d better go– I will write from Atlanta!


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