Update with Maye Torres

Watch all of our updates HERE on our You Tube channel.


3 Responses to “Update with Maye Torres”

  1. Corvallis, Oregon is doing it!! We are not in time for the national house party event (yesterday!), however, I can report that not only is the local community artisans collective on board with a screening happening in town, the University Womens’ Center is also committed to partnering with us for an event! One, I hope we will schedule to coincide later this spring when they (WC) host their annual women artists exhibition on campus during Womens’ History Month!
    At that event I am working behind the scenes to have them invite Pamela to come and present at that screening!
    Yeah! One and maybe two local screenings to report!!

  2. Christina German Says:

    It was so nice to hear from Maye’s son Zach and his reactions to the movie and what he is thinking now. I especially appreciated his candid remarkes about his father and himself in the music and art business. The piece is well done. Thanks for including all of the updates!

  3. I truly enjoyed this video and the inspiration it has to offer. Thanks for sharing.

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