Screenings of WHO DOES She Think She IS? around the country

Tomorrow, we meet up at the Symphony Space Theater in New York City to watch the film.  At the same time, screenings will take place around the country.

At home, you can watch the talkback at 4:30 (est), 1:30 (pst) at this web address:

You can Twitter questions (@wdstsi) while you watch.

Many of the people who have made this film possible will be both attending these screenings and also participating in the Talk Back–which will happen at Symphony Space in New York (Broadway and 95th Street at 2:30 Nove 8!).  I am so looking forward to being in the theater.

A lot of us aren’t making the effort to go to the theater these days; people are watching films in their homes.  And, I do the same.  It’s convenient to curl up on the sofa, put in a DVD (or even a download) and watch in the comfort of your home.

My sisters and I at Kittichai last night--in New York preparing for the big event!

My sisters and I at Kittichai--they just flew in for the Big Event

But, here’s the thing–I think we miss out when we do this.  There is a real and palpable energy in a theater filled with people all watching the screen.  We have so very few places where we can be “one of many.”  And, it is a DiFFERENT experience.  To be “one of many”, to share an amazing and heartfelt, sad and joyful experience in a group of like minded people is powerful.   You are reminded that you are not alone.  You are reminded of the possibility of change, of love, of gratitude.

Just a way of saying,  if there is any way you can SHARE the viewing of WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?  please do!  And write to us!  Share on line.  Break through to another.

Looking forward to seeing, and hearing from you tomorrow.  Oh!  Janis Wunderlich, Angela Williams, Camille Musser and I will be on stage, after the show tomorrow to do a talk back, orchestrated by our own awesome Courtney Martin.



4 Responses to “Screenings of WHO DOES She Think She IS? around the country”

  1. Wishing you, Pamela and the entire film team a fantastic screening tomorrow night! And of course, all my wishes that the film be a smashing success!! Hugs from a mother/artist in Barcelona, Spain…

  2. Pamela, you have done something highly impactful by making this film. You are amazing and I applaud your efforts in getting this into the public’s hands!
    I bought the DVD, have watched it repeatedly, and have enjoyed following the updates on the featured artists.
    As a visual artist & public school teacher, I have been fed, strengthened, and inspired by the stories shared in this film. My personal struggle has not been with motherhood, but with my overwhelming mission as a teacher of young people in a high school setting. Balancing the energy, time, and mentality between personal art-making and giving to students has been difficult over the years. But lately, I’ve NOT been making a choice between the two passions.
    This film validates my decision.
    I will check out the discussion tomorrow, and will wish you all success at the screening.
    Thank you for being an inspiration to so many…and keep making art.
    Love & Laughter,

  3. Lisa:

    Thanks a million! We are excited and a little nervous–hoping that people will come out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

  4. Yes, going to a theater to view and experience the group visual affect is great, But people like myself who do not have access to a theater in the states are left out(I live in Okinawa, Japan)so looking forward to the dvd release for the individual to purchase.

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