Bentley University October 7th

Bentley University

On Wednesday, October 7th, I had the opportunity to bring Who Does She Think She Is? to Bentley University in Waltham, Mass. I truly enjoyed showing the film to these inspiring college students and then talking with them after to hear their reactions!

Here is an email I received from Anna Siomopoulos, an Assistant Professor of English and Cinema Studies at
Bentley, who coordinated this event:

Hi Pamela,

Just wanted to thank you again for coming to Bentley, and to let you know how much the students enjoyed your visit. In class, we continued the conversation that you started, and all of the students were unanimous that bringing filmmakers to campus adds a lot to their film and media studies education. You’re really an engaging speaker, and you have the ability to energize the classroom. Be sure to let me know about your future projects, so that we can bring you back to Bentley again!


I so enjoyed coming to Bentley and especially the time in the classroom. I love working with students and it was especially great to show this film at a university where students are more inclined to “business” rather than liberal arts. I also loved the fact that the student body is 60-40 men to women– it made discussing this film very interesting.

Great classes and good discussion. And thank you so much, Anna,  for making me feel welcome and for arranging the day, for taking me out to dinner and arranging to meet others in the Departments!


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