Riane Eisler talks to the United Nations

Hello all:

Just a short note about our friend, Dr. Riane Eisler, author of The Real Wealth Of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics. Riane was invited to speak at the United Nations a couple of weeks ago on Global Warming to Global Partnership.

You may recall that Riane is featured in our film discussing the issues of poverty and the unpaid labor of women in the home.

Riane is an amazing thinker who has addressed the issue of how to “Value” the world of unpaid “at-home” labor, the Labor of care giving and now the climate.

Anyone who has ever wondered about how to address issues of global poverty, gender inequity and the  labor of women everywhere should read her book and go to her web page.



One Response to “Riane Eisler talks to the United Nations”

  1. We showed “Who Does She Think She Is?” at our small rural arts center in Maine last week. The audience, many of them women artists, loved it and made many comments about how they found it true and thought-provoking. As a woman artist myself, I could certainly relate to many of the scenes in the film. When I was a young mother who was also an artist, I can remember feeling very isolated and misunderstood. Why was I suddenly doomed to spend my days doing housecleaning when I had previously been able to spend time making and exhibitng art? Why are images of children in art usually dismissed as being too sentimental? Why did my male artist friend continue to receive attention as an artist (while his wife did all the housework and childcare) while people didn’t take me seriously as an artist, even though I had an MFA and he didn’t? I actually did give up my art for periods but always came back to it, since I could not stay away from something that had always been so important to me. Now that my children are grown, I have more time to spend on my art, but it is not all about the time – it is also about feeling that it is okay to consider yourself an artist – to have that as your identity. There certainly is a double standard in art, just as in other fields, and it has to do with mothering not being considered as important a “job” as other jobs, though of course, it is really more important to the survival of humankind than any other endeavor except maybe, growing food.

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