Update with Angela Williams


4 Responses to “Update with Angela Williams”

  1. The daughter’s singing gave me tingles.

  2. Thank you for posting the YouTube video featuring the update on Angela Williams and her daughters. I was really touched by Angela’s story when seeing the screening for the film recently in Boulder, Colorado. I returned to painting after getting a divorce a few years ago as means to work through the pain. Today I am engaged and struggling with how to balance a possible 2nd marriage and my art career. So thank you for creating this film. Just knowing that I am not the only female artist out there struggling to find balance, follow my joy, and be true to myself.

    • Thanks so much for writing. Glad you saw and were inspired by the film! I know what you are going through–the anxiety about “doing the right thing”, wanting to pay attention to your people and to your art. Keep doing the art–at it’s best, it is an expression of you and the more you take care of yourself, the more value you put on your own work…the more those around you respect you.

      Take a look at our next video of Janis Wunderlich and then see her comments! You are not alone. We are all in this mess and yet, we have to keep doing it.

  3. This update was so bittersweet… I really enjoyed the daughter’s song, and thought she sang it beautifully! Best of luck to your dear family.

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