Mayumi Oda and Hawaiian Paradise Update

Last week, my sister Chris and I went to the Big Island to visit and rest before Kerthy joined us for a follow up interview with Mayumi Oda.  We had such a wonderful time–circumnavigating the island, through pouring rains and over lava fields; horseback riding in Waimaa; reading in the beach  hammock;  fresh food and the beautiful beach right outside our door.

As for our visit with Mayumi–it was so special.  I had not seen her since our initial shoot back in 2005.  Much has changed for her and for me and we spent the day talking, catching up.  Her Farm continues to be a serene and bounteous retreat–where I feel welcomed and very calm.

My son, Ian and I are in the middle of editing Kerthy’s wonderful footage of our day.  It is the first time I have worked so directly with my son–and it has been an experience!  Much moaning and groaning at the beginning…from both of us…but slowly we have settled into a very very good and even fun working relationship.

I feel so lucky–blessed, really, to be able to work with my family–Chris who has come with me on so many of the shoots and even more of the screenings, this past year—my son Ian, and also Cameron and Alex–who have shot and edited and gone to screenings and Cindy who has documented most of this process and continues to supply us with her gorgeous photos as we need them.

And, not only family–this whole project has been amazing because of  the people I am working with.  Lindsay spent the day with Ian and I yesterday to oversee the Mayumi Edit as well as two others we are working on.  Her presence cut down on the moaning and groaning and the procrastination Ian and I both appear to engage in–especially with each other. The day before, Lindsay and Kerthy came to my hotel in New York city and crowded into my little tiny room so we could look at same edits.

So, enjoy these photos–I am hardly able to take them out of my”picture file” to post.  So, the order may be random.  But, better that than nothing, right?


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