Bowery Poetry Club Screening in New York City

I rode the train down from Boston, yesterday, to attend the screening of WHO DOES here in New York.  Sweet location–if you ever have a chance, stop in to this lower East side scene.

Kerthy Fix, my awesome Producer, as well as our new Intern, Dawn also came.  We never know what to expect and were wonderfully pleased that the showing had a FULL HOUSE!  Thanks, Bowery Poetry Club.  You guys were awesome.  And, I so enjoyed talking to the people in the audience, after.

If any one wants  us to do a screening in their area–I talked to many of you, who  told me about art Cinemas, Clubs and other venues  you thought should hold screenings, let us know!  You can write in to our web site at, tell us you were at the screening and we can make it happen.

Lovely day!



4 Responses to “Bowery Poetry Club Screening in New York City”

  1. C Clarke Says:

    Thank you so much for making this film. It expressed the roller coaster of emotions I’ve felt for many years as an artist/mother that I could not put into words. Before attending the film I wrestled with whether I wanted to see it alone or in the company of my husband. My marriage has been a runaway train speeding toward a crash, much like that of some of the artists in the film. I decided to invite my husband to the film and you may have just saved our marriage. I wish I had been exposed to this film when I was in college. I would have made very different choices with my life. This film is a must see for all women, women who are artists/filmmakers/actors/singers/dancers/writers/creators, women who are artists/filmmakers/actors/singers/dancers/writers/creators AND mothers, and all those who love them. Bless you.

    • Hello Ms. Clarke:

      Just read this comment this morning and am so moved by it. Thanks so so much for writing.

      The Bowery Poetry Club screening was wonderful and I cannot tell you how much it means that first, you came! and then, took the time to write to me.

      Good luck

  2. Seeing this film again was like visiting a dear friend. In fact, I brought my daughter, 24 years , an English teacher/writer and three friends, a writer (male) a quilter and my dear friend Bruce , a performer who was visiting me from Brussels, who I haven’t seen for 25 years, and who studied w/Marcel Marceau in 1981 with me in Paris. They were all deeply touched by the message in the film. I continue to work on my writing and a multi-discipline piece ELATION and whenever there is an inkling of doubt, I hear the words…Who does she think she is? and remember Dr. Leonard Schlain saying ‘It is imperative that you create!!!’ Everyone I know should see this film. An honest, compelling masterpiece about balancing motherhood and art., inspirational. Thanks again Pam!

  3. Nancy:

    I feel we KNOW each other and am so happy that you came to the Bowery Poetry Club. What a great audience!!

    Don’t forget, that we will be releasing our House Party Kits including the DVD, invitations, poster, etc–at the end of this month. Tell one, Tell ALL! I am hoping that peple who could not come to this screening, might want to show it to their friends in their home.

    Thanks for bringing your friends and your daughter, my dear!

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