I am at Cape Cod with my boys, husband and twenty of my nearest and dearest.  It is our annual Family Reunion–my sisters, my father,  brother and their families–from all over the Midwest come to visit every summer.  It is lively and chaotic and I love it!  We take turns making meals each night and have recently instituted “Clean Up Teams” rather than assigning this most grudging of tasks to the children–many of whom are now in their twenties and refuse the classification and thus the work!

Cape Cod computer shot july 8

This is me writing the blog and attempting to use my blackberry camera.

cape cod july 8, 2009

My sons, who were so Thrilled to be in the shot! Can't you tell?

cape cod, ian, alex and cam and me july8

The Boll Brothers and their happy Mama. I feel so little next to them these days.

On the film front, my extremely dedicated Goddesses have produced our Educational DVDs which are on sale now!  Go to our website for how to buy this DVD for your local Public Library, Community College, University or Secondary School.  We are working with the Awesome Emerging Pictures to Distribute the DVDs–first for the Educational Market, then in August, we begin to sell House Party Kits so that people can hold WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? parties at home.

Well, back to the clean up and paint ball plans.



4 Responses to “CAPE COD JULY 8, 2009”

  1. Thank you – thank you for the idea of selling ‘house party’ kits of the dvd. I only just discovered your film and my friends and I have been scrambling trying to fit in the closest screening without success. I very much look forward to the August release of this option.

  2. Pamela, where on CC are you? I live here. I am on the outer-Cape. Have a showing at the Provincetown AA Museum right now. We had a family reunion a couple of years ago…great time.
    I am looking for a venue where the film is showing, in this area. I know that it has already been in Boston. The Cape Museum of Art shows a lot of alternate/foreign films. Maybe it could show there.

    I am so glad that someone has put together a message like yours that we can share with the rest of the family….those we want to educate.

    Thanks again, Mary

    • Mary:

      Both of those sound like great venues! It always helps if a “local” resident tells their theater or, in this case, Museum, about the film. You can direct them to our web site at for information.

      I would LOVE to show at either or both, and we could do so this month, August, if they have any times available.

      Sorry not to get back to you sooner, I have been on the road again–doing Follow up filming with some of our stars.

      yours, Pamela

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