California, Graduation and Screening at The Red Vic

I am visiting my middle son, Alex at college here in Santa Clara.. Alex is still writing papers so, thought I’d come out a day or two before our San Francisco screening–this WEEK! at the Red Vic Theater Wednesday and Thursday.

I love seeing my sons in their own places–Alex and his lady friend, Shereen have been sharing a house all year. I was delighted to see the House Chore Chart they created–complete with fines. It was an exact replica of the one I had for them when they were younger. Alex had come home earlier this year and said he could not believe how hard it was to get anyone to do any work around the house and also that it was Amazing that I had done this for so many years when they were at home. I laughed!

I’ve been busy with my sons for these past couple of weeks. Ian came home from Boulder for the summer. I am so happy knowing my oldest is under our roof! Then, Cameron graduated from high School–a very big deal with two proms! as well as special dinners, moving out of his dorm, saying good bye to friends. I am missing his big party tonight, but he said he doesn’t mind as I tend to go ” a little crazy” about kids’ behavior. I worry about safety. But, I guess I have to trust that the 18-21 years of counsel will serve them well….

On the movie front, we are continuing to get requests for screenings from around the country! This is so so heartening. I am touched by the number of people who write in to our web site to say how much this film, or even just the trailer means to them.

When I think back over the six years that I have been making and distributing WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? and the number of people who did not think there was a story worth telling, the number of people who said that there was no “issue” or who wondered why I cared about profiling the lives of mothers, the number of people who said to me, “well, everybody has a choice!” or “I wish I could just play the guitar, but we all have to ‘make a living!” and yes, we do, and yes, we have to bring up the next generation….but, when neither child rearing nor guitar playing pay, then what??

Yet, here we are, six years later, with those requests for screenings from around the country–it is breathtaking.

I am so grateful for all those people who did see the possibilities for this film, who did help to create it and to get it out into the world.

Just a few facts–we have shown the film in over 100 cities in the US and Canada for a total of over a 1000 screenings. 20,000 people have seen the film–at the least.. We are still getting requests for screenings–four came in today…We have over a thousand people visiting our web site a day. We have been written about in all the major Press–New York TImes, LA Times, Denver Post. Over 290 blogs have posted about the film–for an audience of at least 500,000 if not closer to a couple of million! Amazing for a film that some of the major Film Festivals rejected! And while our film is good (indeed, I dare to say, GREAT!), and touches a chord, this exposure has also been due to the power of our audiences who have sent links and notes and emails to their friends. Thank you thank you….

And we are still on this journey. This summer, my sons and I will do some follow ups with our amazing women. What are they up to now? How has the film affected their families, their art work? We hope to have a bit of footage for DVD extras–oh, yes, we will be distributing DVDs SOON!! Stay tuned.

I am really looking forward to working with my sons and hope to have some footage, for Youtube, sometime in the next couple of months. Be on the lookout!



8 Responses to “California, Graduation and Screening at The Red Vic”

  1. I saw the film on Sunday in Birmingham. I definitely want to share more thoughts soon, but for now just want to go on and tell you that I really appreciate your work.

    I’m a bit overwhelmed by all that you have addressed and I need some more time to process it all. The film touches on so much that I’ve been working through over the last couple of years.

    Much thanks to all of you for your willingness to educate others about the issues women face.

    • Charlotte:
      I am just NOW reading through some of the posts again and found your sweet comment. Thank you SO MUCH for writing. It means the world to me to think of this film eliciting responses from people.

      Write more if you can and want. We would love to hear your thoughts!


  2. Hello
    I loved the “warm and motherly air” of your blog…esp. the chart replica in his adult life like the one you had for him when younger. I, too, as a mother had one on the refrigerator for my two sons and they would x the jobs as they did them all.

    Could you, on your blog, or to me……..a copy of your list or theirs with fines, etc…or any part of it? It sounds like that could become a part of another documentary BY YOU…
    Sheralee Hill Iglehart
    Member for many years of FUMC where The Rev. Dr. Archer Summers served as Senior Pastor for 4 years., including this year.

  3. Woyld love to hear more about YOUR CHARTS for sons when under your roof AND the chart ALEX had with his girl friend , Shareen,this year on his refrigetor..some more details. WONDERFUL! Thanks.

    • Sheralee:

      Late response is better than none, I say to myself!

      The “chore” chart–I have to dig it out of my old files as my son has now left home again. But, essentially, you make a chart with the days of the week and a list of chores and then assign your household members several of those chores each week. The chores rotate through the group so every one gets their turn at “making breakfast,” “grocery shopping,” “unloading dishwasher,” “making beds,” “laundry,”

      The younger the household, the more specific and broken down are the chores….ie “setting table,’ “putting clean clothes in the drawers,” etc.

      My kids complained about this, the whole time they were growing up–but did it anyway. And I don’t know of a better way to get your entire household to do the work of family care AND to understand HOW MUCH work it entails.

      It is always good to have the routine and boring chores–emptying garbage, recycling to the curb, washing dishes, vacuuming the kitchen, interspersed with the more creative—planning and helping cook dinner, going to the grocery store, planning family activities, etc!

      thanks so much for writing.

      • Thank you for your delightful “list,”update. Bravo! I, too, had one and also another when they were younger … this was just their two names on it…and place for “X” when done… eg. one to wash the dishes and the other name down for drying the dishes, etc. Worked well!

  4. How can I bring this film to Seattle?

    • Tina:

      Forgive me if I wrote already?? Or if I did not! I am now always sure how the blog works, even though I can write in it, obviously.

      We screened in Seattle this Spring. So sorry you missed it! Sometimes, however, a theater will bring a movie to the area, if the local residents request it. So, call your art house or independent theater and tell them you’d like to see it. Then send them to our web page– for all information, press and publicity.


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