Mother’s Day

I am sitting in my sunny kitchen at home in Massachussetts after so many months on the road.  My youngest son, sleeps on upstairs, along with two other young men he brought home for the weekend.

I’ve already been out to walk the dog around our beautiful lake  and waterfall in the center of  town, taking  time to smell the lilacs, to note how the willow growing on the lawn of the town Library leans far far to the ground, yet still holds.  Over the years, I have walked on this path so many times–once when said sleeping son was all of 18 months,  I walked with him and his two brothers here and watched him run  into the water after a swan.  I ran straight into that cold muddy water too, to catch him before he tumbled face forward, swan swimming well out of his path.  Yet, I have never noticed this tree bending so near to the earth.

While out, I also stopped at our local bakery for croissants for those sleeping boys, a lemon cake for my husband–who has been out of town, but returns today when, as so often in our family–we will celebrate his Birthday on my “special” day!  I also stopped at the Starbucks, where many young men were out with their littlest children.  No doubt, they were giving their wives a morning to sleep in.  So sweet.

Now, I am listening to Layne Redmond’s newest CD “Invoking Aprhodite .”     It is so so  beautiful–I want to share it with ALL of you.  She tells me that it will be out for sale in the next few weeks.  Look on her website:

One song, in particular, makes me cry.  In researching the role of women, of Goddesses in the ancient world, Layne told me she came across an a poem set to music.  I hope I get this right–I think she said that the poem was written by a woman.  On the woman’s  death, her grieving husband set the words to music and inscribed these on her gravestone.  Layne has composed a song invoking these words  set to the ancient score, played with the drum and other instruments.

The words–are poignant and oh so beautifully right for me today, on this celebration of Mothers, on this beginning of Spring, the return of the birds, the bees, the greening of all of the earth.  Here is what I heard.  Layne, if I have this wrong, please forgive me….

As long as you live

Be Radiant,

Let Nothing grieve you beyond measure…

For your life is all too short

And Time will call for you.

So, be well, enjoy your Mother’s Day, no matter WHO you are with.  Love your self.  Love your people.  Love the day.



3 Responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. Hey!!! It was so great to spend time with you! The name of the song is The Epitaph of Seikilos. The song is usually attributed to him in honor of his wife, Euterpe (a name of one of the nine Muses). He also had inscribed on the stone: “I am an image in stone. Seikilos put me here, where I will remain forever, a symbol of deathless remembrance.” It is the oldest found complete composition, the song is notated musically. The melody is said to be a drinking song. So Seikilos message seemed to be, rejoice, live your life radiantly for it is all too short!

    many blessings, Layne

  2. Hello,

    I just wanted to mention that I saw your site and the link came on exactly the day I needed it to. I’m about to be a “new” mother again. 2 children, 10 year apart. I’m also still transitioning my career from writing to art and wondering how I will juggle and balance my loves.

    I wrote a post on it and your provocative new documentary that I’d love for you to check out. It’s called Art & Motherhood and its on my blog at

    Thanks for putting your heart and creative energy into this film!


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