3025094299_26e1202016_o2So, I am sitting in a  coffee shop, drinking a luscious heart printed  latte.   Heart sweet heart makes me smile.  I know better than to order a latte so late in the afternoon but, oh my, I could not sleep last night–was wide awake from 2 until I rose at 5:30….thinking about how to get to Amherst where I had a class this morning(!) and a screening later today;  about where my misplaced Passport could be;  about my son, whose Lacrosse game I watched yesterday without him knowing that I was there; my lost banking card; my lost sunglasses; my dog who looks at me resignedly as I head out to the car without her….and my husband, who seems content to send me off on yet another expedition for the film and yet, I wonder.

So, the latte was delicious and I wanted another, but held back–ordered water, instead.


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