Port Orchard, Washington

Evening now.  The sun is setting over Puget Sound. Chris and Cindy and and I wound our way through the middle of Bainbridge Island across the bridge to Port Orchard. And here we are!  Not too many people but oh, they are so happy to be there!

Take a look at these fabulous pictures.  Cindy and I are slowly learning how to put them on to the blog….Port Orchard reminds us of Parkersburg, West Virginia, the town where we grew up.  Small houses, unmufflered cars, kids hanging out at the local park and mountains and more mountains.

Thanks for inviting us.



5 Responses to “Port Orchard, Washington”

  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. Your movie Who Does She Think She Is was both inspiring and depressing to me. Inspiring because of the phenomenal work these talented and passionate woman are making, and the sacrifices they have made to do it. Depressing because of the profound lack of support there is for women artists. I knew it was bad, but not that bad. I felt these women were pulling their art out of their very souls. I am inspired to go beyond where I am in my work. To dig deeper. I have been feeling a need to go further, not knowing how. Still don’t know how…..but will just have to work. I have told everyone I know about your movie. Thank you so much. Phyllis Ray

  3. Thank you, Pamela. The film was inspirational and affirming. I brought a friend to the first showing in Seattle. We were so inspired. I returned for the next night’s showing, and, brought my husband. He thanked me for bringing him. As one woman in the audience said, you have brought a great gift to anyone, man or woman, who carries the feminine essence. Previously, I HAD been planning to “limit” myself to art, to not having a family. Your film has caused me to reconsider…. I feel a small bitterness melting away from my heart…. I am inspired by the real lives of women who have said yes to both art and family!

  4. Pamela, Chris and Cindy…thank you so much for your trek westward over miles, ferries, mountains,etc.. I was thrilled to meet you and my husband, friends, family and I really loved the film. We’re still talking about it. That’s what it’s all about…and it really is THE most important conversation of our time, isn’t it? Thank you for your passion and your talent…for bringing these fabulous women and their voices to screen…and for BELIEVING in art!! I know I do (: Love and Cheers to you!! Megan Drew

  5. jeri schneider Says:

    what an inspiration Who Does She Think She Is was to me; and, after meeting Pamela the next day, the inspiration was deepened by seeing that she is the 6th artist of the series…..what a creative way to wrestle with your own dilemmas at this point in time. in a world where women artists get such little support, this film is a good solid chunk of it. thank you—-jeri

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