Vancouver and Bainbridge Island

On the dock--Chris and I.  I am drawing.  in the Art Store on Bainbridge Island

Well, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?  has had some awesome screenings these last few days.  My sisters, Chris and Cindy and I flew up to Vancouver where both screenings were well-attended despite the sunny weather.  Thanks Vancouverites, Ryan Levey at Vagrant Films for arranging and thanks to Pacific Cinemateque for  marketing  the film.

Then, my sisters and I headed down to Bainbridge Island.  Chris, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri was the driver, Cindy the Navigator and I the overly anxious Passenger–all the Border Crossings, Ferry Crossings and Island roads had me worried that we would miss the screening.  But, we arrived on Bainbridge to meet with TJ who runs the Lynnwood Theater.  She and Ron shared a lovely dinner with us while the film played to a  large crowd–despite  the  sunny weather.

What an Island!!    Birds singing, plants blooming, the scent of flowers–small roads and friendly people cupped in a glittering green water.  The question and Answers following both  screenings were heartfelt and sincere.

Again and again, I am reminded about how blessed I am to be doing this work–this touching of so many lives.  I think it makes a difference–this film makes people—mainly women, sometimes mothers, feel seen, heard, recognized and inspired.  What more could anyone ask from their work!

Now, we are on to Port Orchard–another independent theater on another island and I will sit back in our car and let my  sisters– angels really– do their work and while I refrain from all those anxious queries as to time and schedules and directions.


4 Responses to “Vancouver and Bainbridge Island”

  1. lehi german Says:

    what a marvelous trip

  2. I was able to come out for the evening show and I have to say that it was well worth the effort!
    The fact that you were there to answer our questions and fill us in on what has happened to the artists since the filming made it even better.
    keep up the good work-it is important!

  3. linda2love4u Says:

    I am who she is. A woman, the Mother, the Artist, the community leader. I am the change that she gives her community. A giver of life in all its forms. I think, so there fore I am. I think, therefore new forms manifest through words, the palette, the clay, color, the architecture, the man. I am who she is. The garden, the flower, the nuturing. It is me. I am she.

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