NCECA Conference in Phoenix–Our Film was a HIT!


Thanks to Polyartgirl for this photo of NCECA 2009

Janis Wunderlich and I met in Phoenix late last Friday before the NCECA Conference.  We were both worn out and on East Coast time, and it was nearly 2 in the morning, but we talked a bit. Saturday morning, we went over to the Conference–which was attended by over 5000 Ceramic Artists and Educators from around the country.  Our film was one of the featured events.

We scrambled to get the posters up and clipboards ready, but really had no idea how many people would come.  They  put the film in a grand room seating at least  500 and five minutes before we were to start, there were only a few dozen people.  Oh well, I thought, everyone here will know about the film at least, from their Conference material.

The film began and people began pouring in.  We had about 150 attendees and so many awesome questions and comments after.  Several women came to the podium to say how inspired they were.  One or two said they had cried through the film.

3436472565_ae86e27aedJanis has received so many emails from people who saw the film and immediately wrote to her.  I hope we might be able to include some of those here!

Thanks to Janis–the Rock Star of the film and the Ceramics world and thanks to all the folks at NCECA who worked to bring the film to this fine audience, especially Joe Molinaro and Dori Nielson.



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