Getting the Movie out there, Family Style

kerthy-and-pam-at-soho-grandSo, Kerthy, Lindsay and I have been in New York City for these past few days, talking, emailing, talking, and more emailing, as well as many meeting.  All of this to figure out how to get the film out to all of those wonderful people who have been waiting for DVD sales.

It’s coming soon–most likely next November in time for the holidays.  And in a month or so, we will have the Educational Sales DVDs ready for sale!!!

Lindsay took this of Kerthy and me after a long, long afternoon at the Soho Grand.  This is one of our favorite places to work–thanks to lovely Aaron and all the rest of the Staff.

don’t you love Kerthy’s hat?!



5 Responses to “Getting the Movie out there, Family Style”

  1. i am so excited that the film is coming to winnipeg- i will spread the word- also i see you produced the film about isaiah zager – in a dream- crazy coincidence- my cousin is married to the cousin of jeremiah zager- her name is danishka esterhazy and she is a filmmaker here in winnipeg directing her first feature as we speak- her husband is jonathan esterhazy. i will make sure to let her know about this.thanks so much,

    • Joan:

      Yes, and Kerthy and I will be in Winnipeg with the film! Come say hello after.

      What a coincidence about IN A DREAM. It is a beautiful film. So, see you in WInnipeg and thanks so much for spreading the word–it is the best way for people to know of the film.

  2. Lynne Rosentahl Says:

    Hi Pam,
    I am a member of WDN.
    I would like to buy an educational DVD.
    I would like to take the DVD to meetings and show it on my computer, to interest other foundations to the relevance of your film.
    I attended the Palm Springs Internation Film Festival.
    I heard great commnets , to your film.

    In sisterhood.
    Lynne Rosenthal

  3. Lynne:

    How are you? thanks for writing. I will make sure we have your name on the list for purchasing the Educational DVD. We should be ready to sell that in a couple of months!! It’s been a long time in coming and we are so excited about getting it out there.

    Yours, Pamela

  4. Hi Pamela,
    Do you mean November 09? If so, is this something we can offer for sale on the night of our showing in Cromwell CT?

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