CrissCrossing the Country

I am so so behind in writing.  We’ve had awesome screenings in Winchester, Massachussetts  –my hometown!, then Roger Williams University in Rhode Island,  back to Massachussetts for a lovely screening at my alma mater Lesley University in Cambridge, then The Music Hall in Los Angeles –where we have a week long run till April 9th, then back across country to  the  Northern Virginia Community College in Manassas Virginia….and now I am sitting at the Soho Grande Hotel in New York City trying to learn Twitter while updating this blog!  So much to tell, where to start?

First, I want to thank all the wonderful folks in Winchester who organized not one but two screenings at the Next Door Theater.  We had a full house and an engaged audience and answer. The screening was a collaborative effort between the Multicultural folks, The Next Door Theater and the Griffin Museum.

Angela Williams and her mother, Judy were wonderful and added to the program immensely.  We also had a very talented quilter who has raised two children on the slim dollars of her craft.  Ruth McDowell spoke very eloquently about how she did this as well as why it mattered.

I wanted to share one person’s response–Molly who lives in Winchester and works for the Appalachian Mountain Club.  Thanks Molly and thanks to everyone in the very very wonderful audience.!  We’d love to hear from any of you too.

“Dear Pamela-

Who Does She Think She Is delivers a powerful message to not only women and artists but to everyone.  I went to the screening last Sunday evening at the Winchester Multi-cultural Arts Center along with several other friends.  We sat in the front row, riveted.

Thank you for weaving together an inspiring collection of stories.  Having just worked on AMC’s seven-minute film on the Maine Wilderness Initiative, I can only imagine how challenging it was to create and deliver such an extensive and thoughtful documentary.  You did a tremendous job all around.

When we last got together, you had just completed filming and were in the process of marketing your work. You said that you were in a challenging place convincing people of the value in this type of story.  Remembering your words and then seeing the film was yet another lesson in perseverance.

I will encourage others to experience your message.  Not only will I feel inspired when I bring out the paints and blank canvas, but I feel even more passionate about my work in protecting the mountains, rivers, and trails.

Thank you for creating such an empowering story!

Warmest regards,


P.S.  In talking with my friends and colleagues, there’s strong interest in hosting screenings.

Molly Ruffle
Appalachian Mountain Club”


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