Hello Who Does She Think She Is? Fans:

I am writing from the Peery Hotel in Salt Lake City the morning after our stellar screening at the Salt Lake Art Center.  While the screening was small, the audience was passionate and wanted to continue talking about the film.  Great questions from both men and women!

 One woman, Sheila K., wandered in from her Conference of American Chemical Engineers.  Guess they had a break.  She loved the film and in fact, we just met this morning so she could talk to me about a screening for the Chemical Engineers!  She stated that even women scientists face these  issues of invisibility, of having to work twice as hard as their male counterparts.

 I am delighted she came to the film and hope the Engineers do get a screening.  I have always felt that this film’s message speaks to people in every field–not only those working in  the arts.  Having said that, there were many women artists in attendance and they each made a point of thanking me for bringing the film to the city.  And Janis Wunderlich was inundated with questions, comments and discussion.

So, many many thanks to both Von Allen, Ceramics Professor from Brigham Young University and to Heather Ferrell, Executive Director of the Salt Lake  Art Center   http://www.slartcenter.org for bringing us to the Art Center.  I also want to thanks Geralyn White Dreyfous, and Kathryn Toll and their hardworking assistants at the Salt Lake Film Society for helping to publicize this event.


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