Vermont Women’s Film Festival

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that Micki and I had a wonderful screening in Vermont at the Women’s Film Festival.  Our audience was excited (about 95 people), they cheered when Angela sang, and applauded when the film was over.  Great Q&A afterwards.  Micki was wonderful and she got a lot of compliments on her red sneakers!  She felt very much at home in Brattleboro!
Our hosts were very gracious….I’ll send Meg Lyons a thank you from all of us for including the film in the festival.  I think we will get good exposure there!
I’m going to go rest…..I feel like I’ve been driving for days…..oh, that’s right, I have been driving for days!
Take care,

2 Responses to “Vermont Women’s Film Festival”

  1. seriously life-changing. it’s weird, but this film struck such a chord with me that i had to hold back tears the whole time.

  2. The 18th Brattleboro Women’s Film Festival not only opened with Who Does She Think She Is? but also closed the event last weekend when the “Best of Fest” was shown on Saturday evening at the Hooker-Dunham Theatre on Main Street. Kudos and thanks go out to you – Pamela, Micky and Paula – for creating such a powerful film, for helping us make arrangements beforehand and then travelling to Brattleboro for opening night!

    Who Does She Think She Is? truly resonated with our audiences of women (and men!) here in southern Vermont and created quite a lot of buzz throughout the festival week. The personal stories in this film – each one so heartfelt and so unique – keep replaying for me and I would bet most of us who were lucky enough to attend the festival. Who could ever forget Angela’s solo?

    I, too, found myself on the verge of tears throughout the film while cheering for each woman as though her struggle was my own. As a member of the selection committee, I’ve watched this film many times and always discover some wonderful new piece of wisdom to take away. Now that’s the sign of a great documentary! Thanks again. We can’t wait for your next film!

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