Toronto Film Screenings at the Revue Cinema


We appreciate the warm and enthusiastic crowd we were met with at Revue Cinema in Toronto. The audience was noticeably moved by Pam’s film. There were many generous comments and thought-generating questions raised by both the audience and panelists. One night featured post-film dialogue centering around motherhood, another night the commentary focused on film-making. But each discussion brought out provoking dialogue– both questions and wisdom regarding relationships, the economics of art making, and balancing all of those important people and activities that take hold of our hearts. So many thoughts, memories, and energetic comments were generated that, if not for time constraints, we could have continued for hours! Pam continues to amaze us all with her unstoppable zeal and willingness to share herself and her film with as many audiences as humanly possible. I hope she realizes the incredible impact she is having on so many people! I could see it in the faces of the audience each night, and I hope the encouragement gives Pam the energy she needs to carry on!

Janis Mars Wunderlich


3 Responses to “Toronto Film Screenings at the Revue Cinema”

  1. This is such an important film. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Shayla:

    we can”t wait to show you! where are you? The film will be playing in Vancouver April 17 and 18. It will be coming back to the REVUE in Toronto in the next month or so as well as Ottawa again! and Edmonton.

    We will let you know. We are also arranging screenings around Canada in the next few months. So, maybe we can bring it to your town.

    thanks, Pamela Tanner Boll

  3. I say your idea is in the right place but you could use exposure to a different perspective, toronto is important .,

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