It’s Sunday morning and we’ve managed to get to the theater despite the time change. We weren’t sure how many people would show up on this sleepy Sunday–but lo and behold, another big turnout!!! Mothers with babies, husbands and wives, girlfriends with girlfriends…

Ryan brought me into the theater–the third day of an outstanding run and I nearly cried. Well, did cry. It’s been such a long haul, such an extraordinary gift to do this work, to make this film…and it’s also been taxing. And yet, there they are– all the lovely lovely women and men who come and want to see, want to discuss, to share this film.

Thanks so much, Ryan, and Tim Bourgette, of ReVue– it could not have been better!

Thanks too, to our awesome Panelists: friday night’s Erica Ehm–Journalist, Founder and CEO, the Yummy Mummy Club (add web address), Jani Lauzon–Actor, Singer, 3 time Juno Nominee and our own Janis Wunderlich.

Saturday–another outstanding turnout and panelsts moderated by Susan G. Cole, Entertainment Editor, Now Magazine, Susan Curran, Director of Marketing, Anchor Bay Entertainment, and Ingrid Veninger, Actor/Director/Producer, Genie Award winner.


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