Revue Cinema


Here we are in Toronto at the ReVUE theater– an independent theater in one of Toronto’s neighborhoods.  It is heavily supported by local residents.

At today’s screening, we had approximately 100 people as we did at Friday and Saturday’s screenings!  And they want more.

Lots of mommies with sleeping babies, girlfriends together, husbands and wives and mothers and daughters. A great turn out despite the early hour and Time change.


We also had a  wonderful panel on Mothers and Daughters with: Annie Thompson–Fashion Designer and daughter Haley Thompson Art Director and creative Producer along with Jane Hawtin– Television and Radio Host and Producer with her Daughter Amber Allicock-Hawtin– Actor/TV Host/ Producer.


3 Responses to “Revue Cinema”

  1. Thank you for your film! We had a wonderful evening on March 7 here in Nyack, NY with a screening followed by a panel discussion with 7 extraordinary women artists.

    Not sure if this will appear on your blog (I am not a blogger). Please let me know if we are able to share our experience of Mar 7 with you and how to do it on this site.

    Shari Fischberg
    Co-Curator Visual Arts, Riverspace Arts in Nyack le

  2. Shari:

    so good to hear from you!! I was wondering how the screening in Nyack went and was sorry not to be able to attend. Did my friend, Alexandra Spadea appear as a Panelist? What was the name of the group who sponsored the screening, again?

    Would love to hear from any of you about the screening and your responses to the film!

  3. Shari:

    I am writing this from Utah, where I will be screening the film at Brigham Young University then the Salt Lake City Art Center, Thursday and Friday. However, I have also been skiing with my husband and am wiped out so realized after I’d pressed the button that you already answered my question–the group!! Riverspace Arts!! Can you give us the Web address and we will post it too. I love that the film is going to all these venues.

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