Thank You, Lincoln


The University of Nebraska in 1872, shortly after it opened to students.

I am sitting in an apartment here in Lincoln, Nebraska after two wonderful days talking to all journalism, arts, gender studies and other students at the University of Nebraska. What a GREAT group of students–oh and I nearly forgot–we had a couple of classes of students from the Lincoln Public High School come in, too and their questions were serious and challenging. So, thank you, thank you Lincoln! A lovely town with very friendly people, great students and professors. Most of all, thanks to Danny Lee Ladely, the Programming Director of the beautiful Ross Theater on Campus, who arranged each of these class visits as well as shepherding me from event to event. Then, last evening, we had a “sneak Preview” of the film at the Ross Theater with a q+a that went for over an hour. Very very good discussion, mainly about men and women, marriage and whether there was such a thing as a “woman’s sensibility” in art. Thought provoking, and inspiring. Also, my sister Chris and her husband, Lehi, were kind enough to come over from Kansas City to be with me. I am so lucky to have family who puts up with all these travels and can come along! If any of you ever have a chance to go to Lincoln, take it–much public art, a beautiful campus, great restaurants! Chris and I are off to Toronto this morning where we will meet with Janis Wunderlich for the Toronto opening of the film. See you later.


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