Kerthy here along with the film in beautiful Missoula, Montana. This is a lovely documentary fest that has so many carefully chosen films. I’ve watched some tremendous filmmaking (“The Choir” and “Carny” and “I Think We’re Alone Now?” and Yay! “Prodigal Sons” got a standing ovation, and “In a Dream” won the Artistic Vision for feature) and had some great talks with people (mmm… burgers and beer – Thanks, Cassis, Ellen, Doug and Robin).


Our screening was lovely and we had a nice Q&A afterwards. The festival director mentioned that his wife really loved the film and it made me think about the ways in which women influence the entire world through our relationships.

At the Q&A, I spoke a bit about how a year ago, we couldn’t get any film biz folks to look twice at this film. Festivals turned us down and distributors told us that people didn’t want to watch serious films.

A year later, we have a thinker in the White House, a first lady helping him make wise decisions and children running through the corridors of power. What a change has come!

Our refusal to let our audience be ignored, Pam’s insistence on getting the film out to that audience, and those fans who passed our website around and booked the film, have made WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? a success story too.

But the work is still ahead of us. We are trying to decide whether to go with a film distributor or self-distribute right now and the saga continues!



  1. I really liked this movie especially the part with Maya and Janis because there families were so supportive of the mothers art life and even though both mothers didnt always have a lot of money to work with they made things work and the families all seemed to be happy. The movie showed different types of women from different types of backgrounds.

  2. Rachel, Thanks for coming out!

  3. I loved seeing the film and found it very inspiring! What a great idea to host house parties around it. Thank you!!!

  4. Cassis:

    well, we think that people like to talk about this film. THe other day, I had a lovely chat with a young woman from Bitch Magazine (what a name!). We did a pretty in-depth interview about how I found each of the women and how I made this film. After, she told me how taken she was with the film–had watched it several times as well as sharing it with a small group of her friends who stayed up till four in the morning talking about it. they said that it was so much about their lives–and not one was an “artist.”

    So, we will have a house part kit for sale at some point in the near future so that all the women who WANT to see the film and perhaps haven’t been able to get out to the theater (so many women tell us that they would love to come see it, but the kids at home make that a bit difficult) will be able to gather and share this.

  5. Hello all:

    I just submitted the above comments and noticed the typos after!! How embarrassing. But so it goes….I am known for sending blackberry emails filled with typos–I go too fast and often do not doublecheck!!

  6. Any chance there will be a screening in the Philadelphia area???

  7. Karen,

    The film is screening at the Hiway Theatre in Jenkintown, PA on May 3rd.

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