Rutgers Screening

Just heard from Rutgers about the screening they held last night– here it is!
It was terrific–we had students and a number of people (mostly women artists) from the area. Everyone really liked the film, as well, and were responding to it as they watched–laughing or groaning. It is a beautifully made documentary–I liked it even more on this second viewing. The undergraduates in the audience loved it as well, which is interesting, since they  tend to act as if they/we don’t really need feminism anymore.


Rebecca Reynolds
Assistant Dean, Director of Pathway Advising

And thank you, rutgers! We would love to hear from anyone who was in the audience.

Thanks, Pamela


2 Responses to “Rutgers Screening”

  1. Janet Saeed Says:

    … I was one of those in the audience laughing and moaning! I am a mother of two, also a fiber artist and I think the film was amazing…. actually, i’d love to host a showing at my home… we have a giant tv screen and there are several women in town who would also like to see the documentary. Please let me know if this is possible.


    Janet Saeed

    • Hi Janet,

      We are working on putting together a house party package of the film as I write this. We will be in touch when it is available.


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