I spent the last two days in New York city working with Kerthy Fix and Lindsay Richardson, mostly in the lounge of the Soho Grand.


We drank endless glasses of water and coffee as we continue to tease out the best strategy for sending our film out into the world. We know that people like seeing the film in groups. We know they want to talk about it. We know that both young women–college age and older–love the film. All good! So, stay turned for when, how and where we will be releasing DVDS.



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  1. Lisa Eschenbach Says:

    Hi Pam,
    Many, many heartfelt thanks for traveling to Belmont MA to engage us after the screening of your incredibly compelling film about women making art and needing to meaningfully, seriously express themselves creatively, artistically in our world. Your film must be seen, and not just by women! In family rooms, small theaters, high school auditoriums, college lecture halls, PTA meetings, at tupperware parties, the local cineplex…you have brought to film the essence of the “Artists Way” model that links us to some of the deepest creative traditions of gifted and regular women, of godesses, and it’s our time now! Also, thank you to three of our local artists: Kathy, Gail, and Stacy for following your heart’s work and inviting us to join you!
    blessed be.
    love to all,
    Lisa E.

  2. Lisa:

    Thanks so much for writing!

    I am so grateful to have been at the screening–it was filled with a wonderful spirit–light yet serious. Accepting and curious–not quarrelsome.

    I love your comments about showing it in schools and living rooms as well as Tupperware parties. I have even considered contacting Mary Kay and Avon–to see about having the film as a part of their sales–or as an item that they might offer to their top sellers!

    If anyone out there has any ideas about expanding the reach of the film–telling your school or PTA or your artist group….we will do screenings. And, we will soon be offering a “HOUSE PARTY” version of the DVD. With such a version–I am hoping that groups all over the country can hold their own screenings–in their living rooms and such and spread the word.
    thanks, Pamela

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