Chicago screenings at the Gene Siskel Film Center


Despite cold and gusting weather, our three screenings at the Gene Siskel in Chicago this week were wonderful! Each evening brought a nicely full house and laughter and tears at all the right places!

There were quite a few artists in the audiences as well as people interested in the women’s issues.

On Monday, Jan Lisa Huttner, of the Hot Pink Pen site as well as the force behind WITASWAN–Chicago’s Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now, organized a delightful meet and greet event after the film. We shared dessert, coffee and stories. Janis Wunderlich as well as Co-Director and Editor, Nancy C. Kennedy were in town for the question and answer as well as coffee.

Last evening, I heard so many stories of this struggle between one’s calling and one’s family. One lovely woman born in the sixties said she felt duped– having grown up to believe she could be an artist, a wife, a mother–that all that struggling was behind us!

We talked about how it is NOT a question of putting one’s family or one’s work aside and that the notion of balance is a bit laughable. Artist… Mother– both are an identity and a job. Both are about the work of Love– expressing love, showing love, sharing love–IT’s all about love.

One young man–who came with his wife– said he was thankful to see the film. Even though he is very supportive of her work, he sometimes feels sorry for himself–having to look after the kids more than he might want. Seeing this film made him greatful for his wife, her gifts and how much she takes on. Nice. He also said he wished more men would come see the film. I do too– tell your man friends!

So, thank you Chicago- a city with a big heart. And thanks to the Gene Siskel– a beautiful theater with a gorgeous projection of the film!


4 Responses to “Chicago screenings at the Gene Siskel Film Center”

  1. Thank you for this amazing film. Tears ran down my cheeks may times while watching it. It was healing, empowering, inspiring, gratifying, and most of all provided me with a tangible model for being an artist AND being a member of a family with two young daughters. I have clearer vision as a result of seeing this movie.

  2. To Pamela, Nancy & Janis,

    Your visit to Chicago was truly an instance of being in the right place at the right time. Your film is tremendously inspiring. KUDOS TO ALL!

    Best always,

  3. I joined Pam and our other sister, Chris, in Chicago for a week long of just being sisters. It was great!! I was there for the Q&A on Friday and then the following Monday and it was a good crowd with interesting questions. Also, it was so good to see the film projected in High Definition, of course being a photographer, I care about such things.
    Now, if I can just figure out how to post a photo or two – I’ll be happy.

  4. Jan: thanks again for alerting your people about the film! As we make some decisions about the distributing our DVDs, lets be in touch.

    Colleen: thank you so much for this heartfelt response. I sometimes get tired–traveling to openings. Your response reminds me, again, how important it is that we continue to screen and discuss these issues.

    much gratitude, Pam

    Cindy, Hey sister! I will go to Face Book and look at all the pictures.

    thanks so so much for coming to Chicago, where, despite the cold, we managed to have many good laughs!

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