Last saturday night, January 30, I attended opening night of Seussical: The Musical, produced by the Wheelock Family Theatre of Boston, and was happy to be part of a sold-out crowd of families and children of all ages to see Angela Williams perform as Mazie, the sexy bird who leaves Horton the Elephant in charge of hatching her egg while she goes to Florida to party!
Angela struts her stuff, dances and sings, and is a terrific member of the cast. As always, when she sings and hits a certain note, the hairs on my arms definitely stand up in response.
There was such a huge crowd after the show that I didn’t get a chance to see Angela and congratulate her, but I did see her Mom, Judy, and got a hug.
For Boston area Bloggers, please do yourself a favor and make it over to Wheelock College to see one of their weekend performances. The show ends March 1, and tickets are available for most shows. Their blog address is
Micki Seligson, Co-Producer, Who Does She Think She Is?

One Response to “ANGELA as Mayzie in SEUSSICAL!”

  1. I would love to be able to see Angela perform. She seems to have such a talent. I really was saddened by the fact that she had to sacrifice her marriage in order to follow her dream. Why is it so out of the ordinary for a woman to enjoy something besides being a mother?

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