Santa Fe

Lindsay Richardson and I have been in Santa Fe this week to attend screenings at the CCA. We had wonderful audiences–who wanted to stay and discuss the film long after the credits rolled.

We also met  with Maye Torres in her hometown of Taos–a beautiful drive through the mountains. Maye mentioned that one of her long time collecters had seen the film and loved it.  Since he had originally been a little sceptical about the project–worried that it smacked too much of “feminism”–it was  gratifying to hear his response. Maybe he will write in to the blog, directly!

So, we have also spent much time this week emailing people who are interested in screening the film. Lindsay is very patiently showing me how to use the computer–trying to wean me offPam and Maye in front of one of her newer works the blackberry!! And, here I am writing on the blog directly again.

We have had inquiries from Australia and some groups in London while here in Santa Fe! It is so rewarding to get these emails from people around the world who have either heard about the film or seen the trailer.

We’ve also been taking in the sites–walking the Plaza each day, doing a little shopping. This is a gorgeous and strange part of the country and except for the dryness of the air, I could see living here–so many galleries, artists and interesting people.

So, thank you CCA. We would love to hear from any of you who attended the film.


One Response to “Santa Fe”

  1. Have you considered submitting to SIDEWALK film festival in Birmingham, AL. It is one of the most vibrant film festivals – thousands attend.

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