img_1201Yesterday, Janis Wunderlich and I were on a conference call about the challenges of being an artist and a mother. Kerthy Fix, our Producer had suggested we tape this call for an article we are writing in anticipation of an upcoming screening of Who Does She think She Is? in Phoenix at the NCECA Show

For those NOT in the Ceramics world—including yours kindly, NCECA is one of the largest Ceramics Conferences—with nearly 5000 expected attendees. The Programmers of the Conference have asked that we show the film there!! It is so exciting and we have Janis to thank for introducing us and the film to the Programmers.

Anyway, Kerthy had the brilliant idea of taping a call about why I made the film and how Janis felt about being in it, how the experience had changed each of us and much more. Halfway through the call she asked her children to, “Stop Duct taping each other!!” We waited as she negotiated this new adventure in child caring. 

Janis sent us the following pictures—very creative solution on the use of duct tape that does not involve skin!img_1199


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