Savannah Film Festival

Trustee Theater

Oh, this is so embarrassing!  Here I am sitting at the computer in Santa Fe after a screening and Lindsay, our Outreach guru and overall remarkable young woman, is teaching me how to write directly on the blog and I came across these pictures from our Savannah Film Festival screening. 

I could have sworn that I’d written about Savannah–one of our favorite Film Festivals but alas, I am traveling too much between blackberry and laptop and lost it…


 Paula Kirk and I went to Savannah where we met amazing film makers and saw Slumdog Millionare and War Eagle Arkansas and The 27 Club among many other fine films.

We  spent time with other women documentary Film makers–Cass Warner and  Vanessa Gould.Cass Warner, Vanessa Gould and I talking to the SCAD students

We also had an extraordinarily receptive audience.  Both the Trustees Theater and the Lucas where we screened were nearly full and these theaters, built in the 1920s, were LARGE.

During one of our screenings, St. Vincents School brought their students to the show. It was  wonderful to talk to these young women  and to see their eagerness and appreciation!

St. Vincents School takes a day off classes to attend our film!

Then, wonders of  wonders–we won Best Documentary!  It was very like being at the Academy Awards–walking down the Red Carpet to receive the Award.  Oh, Savannah, we love you and how weird that I did not post about this at the time!

so, here we are two months later, but the pictures are great!
The lovely young ladies from St. Vincent's School


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