This past weekend, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?  Played at the MFA in Boston at 11 am Saturday and Sunday.  I had just arrived back home from the Palm Springs International Film Festival Friday evening and woke late on Saturday to make breakfast for my youngest son.  He and I visited for a while then I left for the screening—or tried to—my car’s battery had died.  So, had to run back into the house and get my son to come and drive me to the screening.  And, even though I have been to the MFA dozens of times, somehow, we managed to miss the exit and ended up in Cambridge.  AAAAH!  Finally we found our way back to Huntington Avenue and I ran out of the car in traffic to find the theater just letting out.  But, no worries, people were leaving the theater to go to the question and answer and we had a full house!

The thing is—my battery was dead and my son was the last to drive…hmmm…and then commanding him to drive me—well, that was so he could take the car to meet with friends.  So, this dance we do—as mothers and artists, continues.

You’ll be happy to know that the question and answer went extremely well.  The MFA screening was SOLD OUT on Saturday and then on Sunday, we had quite a large audience despite a snowstorm.

I want to especially thank our wonderful panelists: Will Dunning, our Producer and Will MacMillan from the Cambridge Center for Adult Education joined Camille Musser and me on Saturday.  Both “Wills” enriched the discussion and were able to give a male perspective to these issues.  On Sunday, our Director of Photography, Gary Henoch came to the screening with his daughters.  He agreed to sit on the panel—despite having just come back from the Far East…even jet-lagged, he spoke eloquently about the work-life issues as well as the work of creating the documentary.  Camille Musser, our STAR was sought after from the many women artists in the audience!  And Amy Rutstein-Riley, my advisor from Lesley University, who was able to address all of the questions our audience had regarding the many gender issues that were raised in the film.

Thanks to the MFA for such a wonderful screening and a special thank you to Edward Saywell and Carter Long from the MFA who introduced our film before the screenings and then graciously introduced our Q & A panels after.  Thanks, Edward and Carter, for all your outstanding efforts in making our MFA screenings such a success!



One Response to “THANK YOU MFA”

  1. Catherine Bartlett-Hirani Says:

    Dear Pamela,

    Thanks so much for sharing your film and the stories of these artists with the greater Boston community. I learned about the screening of your film at the MFA from Linda Shoemaker at the Arlington Center for the Arts. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the panel discussion.

    I am well into my fourties and during my early fourties, I followed a dream to become a painter myself. Although I do not have children, I could relate to the stories of these spectacular women who juggle a home and a passion for their art.

    Thanks again for weaving together and telling a thoughtful and very real


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