CARE International Screening

In November,  WHO Does She Think She IS? was selected to be shown at CARE’s first Global Conference on Poverty, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The conference, organized by CARE, was attended by over four hundred participants working in international aid and relief.

CARE’s staff felt that our film would be a good addition since it deals with the difficulties women struggle with to raise children and to do work outside caregiving.  CARE has focused on programs that empower women–such as micro loans for women owned businesses, schools that educate girls in Afghanistan and training programs for women owned enterprises.

So, it was truly an honor to show the film at this Conference.
I’ve included a comment from Meg Burns–who is in CARE’s Atlanta office:

We showed “Who Does She Think She Is?” on the Tuesday of the conference. About 72 people (including two men) attended and there was a nice round of applause at the end of the movie. Even though the movie focused on women who have chosen to become artists, I got the impression that women in the audience could relate the stories to their own experiences. The audience really appreciated women’s testimonies about the challenge of being yourself and enjoying your career as an artist while society (and husbands in particular) would like women to prioritize their marriage and their children. People in the room were moved by the fact that even though women can do it all (and well!), society sometimes does not give them the chance to prove it.

On a personal note, I was truly inspired by the documentary. It made me understand that once somebody has found his/her way, no matter how difficult it is to adjust, the ones who love you also need to understand what it means to truly support another’s destiny. Pamela’s contribution to our conference was a beautiful addition, in that it gave us a heartfelt bonding as women, wanting the freedom and exercising the power to pursue a passion.




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