So, am sitting on a plane in Phoenix waiting to take off after being at the Palm Springs International Film Festival with Who Does she Think She Is? For the past five days.

First, Palm Springs is a lovely town and the Festival was beautifully run, with films from around the world.

We screened WHO Does. Twice to SOLD OUT crowds!!  The audiences were wonderful–asking great questions and truly appreciative of the film.  Many comments on the stunning art, the great camera work and of course, the characters.  People love our artists and their children.  Several men commented that they felt the film had “no ax to grind” which is high praise.

The audiences were interesting–many retirees, many couples.  Not particularly ‘hip’ or edgy–and one might assume conservative… But in our screenings and in every other film we attended (I was there with our Co-Producer Kerthy Fix and Outreach diva Lindsay Richardson) the questions showed real curiosity and open mindedness about other cultures and issues!  Nice!

So, back to the cold East coast.  We have two screenings this weekend at Boston’s MFa (at 11 am each day).  I am looking forward to being at both, where we will have a q+a with several of our artists and producers.

At the MFA screening last weekend, I was delighted that my 21 year old son came along with two friends–skateboarding and filming buddies.  They stayed for the q+a and were genuinely interested in these issues.  Ben said that while it seemed as though they wouldn’t be our right demographic audience, that he really liked the film and could relate to the struggle to do one’s work while in relationship.  He is mainly a student but edits videos too and his girlfriend finds his fourteen-hour days–frustrating.

Again–so nice and yet, I’m not surprised.  We all struggle with work-life balance—the heart of the film!

Maybe see some of you at the MFA.

Yours, Pamela


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