Who Does She Think She Is? screened this past week at the Museum of Fine Arts (Wed. 1/7, Fri. 1/9, Sat. 1/10 & Sun. 1/11) in Boston.  It was exciting to have the film screen in our hometown (Mystic Artists is based in Winchester, MA) at such a distinguished theater.  We were finally able to show our families, close friends, and neighbors what we’ve been working on for the past 4 years.  This film is so visually beautiful that it is better to see it on a large screen to truly enjoy the quality of the videography and the fine details of all the artwork.

We had wonderful audiences at all of the screenings…. even Sunday morning after another snowstorm dropped about 8 inches of snow on New England.  With all that snow, I thought for sure there would only be 5 people in the audience.  Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner in the lobby of the MFA and saw a huge crowd waiting to get into the Remis Auditorium to see our film!  It made me feel proud to be a part of a project that inspired people to get up and out on a snowy Sunday morning instead of opting to stay on the couch with coffee, a blanket and the Sunday paper!  That’s pretty powerful

Our Question & Answer panels with the director, Pamela Tanner Boll and other guests (producers, featured artists, invited experts) were lively and full of thought provoking questions and observations.   Many audience members were artists and could relate to the struggles of the featured artists in the film.   They were very interested in learning how the artists were able to continue creating through these struggles and where they were able to find their support and inspiration when following their dreams. One gentleman spoke about how much he learned from the statistics that are presented in the film and how he felt that all artists (not just women) had a lot of the same issues to overcome. Another audience member thought our cinematography was beautiful (kudos to our Cinematographer Gary Henoch)

We were thrilled with the turn out and hope that our final two screenings at the MFA next weekend (Sat. 1/17 @ 11am and Sun. 1/18 @ 11am) attract an even bigger audience.   Word of mouth has been one of our best promotions so if you saw our film, please let your friends and family know about it.  We would love to hear from you so please leave us your comments if you were at the MFA this past week!


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  1. Jodie Mullane Says:

    This film is a great way to start your new year! If you are on the fence to go, get off of it and go! It was a real treat. I found the film inspiring, enlightening and brillant.

    Jodie Mullane

  2. Sarah Jensen Says:

    Hi Pam –

    It was so incredibly inspiring to see your film at the MFA today. I’ve been feeling so guilty for not working on this book I keep saying I’m writing, and this afternoon at the MFA (I hope!) tipped me over into action.

    Amazing too to chat with you after two decades. So much I’d love to discuss with you. I hope to hear from you soon and plan lunch or dinner together – after you’ve rested up a bit!

    Take care –

  3. pamela tanner boll Says:


    IT Was strange and wonderful to see you after two decades!!

    Good luck with your book. Take a look at our web page to see all the other places we will be screening the film. I am going to most of them!!!

    exciting and at the same time, I sometimes wish I had more time for playing with my dog, seeing my friends here in the Boston area and practicing Yoga at my local studio.

    Well, I may be around some in February.

    I was overwhelmed by the turnout to the MFA this weekend. Saturday was sold out or near enough. the Question and answer was standing room only!!!

    And Sunday, people braved a snowstorm and then stayed for nearly an hour to speak with our panelists: Gary Henoch, Director of Photography, Amy Rutstein Reilly, Lesley University prof and Brandeis Center for Women Scholar, as well as the always elegant and accomplished Camille Musser.

    I cannot thank you enough for coming–you Sarah, as well as all the many many others!!


  4. My friend Trinidad and I went to see the film and are excited about hosting a house party at a later date, as well as the prospect of organizing a screening in our area. We left the screening feeling empowered and validated. I have four children, and Trinidad has one on the way.

    My only regret is that I did not bring my family with me to see the film. I highly suggest that mothers bring their families with them to future screenings if possible.

    It was wonderful to see the film with a girlfriend, especially one who is also a mother-artist, but I wish I had the foresight to bring them along to see it with me for the first time. Luckily, it will be coming out on DVD soon enough and we will watch it together then.

    We are having an exhibit at The Little Gallery under the Stairs just for mothers’ work and hope people will either participate or come see the exhibit, and keep the momentum moving forward.

    Thank you Pamela, Gary, Camille, and Paula for speaking to us afterward and giving us direction on planning a future screening. We appreciated your attention, especially knowing how hectic your schedules are right now.


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