Thank You, Jacob Burns!

Pam and Nancy at Jacob Burns

Pam and Nancy at Jacob Burns

Last week, on December 9, Lindsay (our outreach coordinator), Nancy Kennedy (co-director and editor) and I made our way to Pleasantville, NY for a screening of Who Does She Think She Is? at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

I wasn’t sure what to expect–but after a great Indian restaurant dinner hosted by Lois Dino, the Associate Director of Programming at the Jacob Burns–we walked to the theater and found that it was SOLD OUT!! The Lobby was abuzz with theatergoers. Nancy, Lindsay and I gladly gave up our seats–and even so, they ended up setting up a few folding chairs.

What an awesome experience! The Jacob Burns has a very strong following; I believe Lois told us there were around 7,000 members. It’s so wonderful to have so many people interested in seeing independent films. The talk back after the screening was excellent and several people asked if the film would be playing again at Jacob Burns. We hope to bring the film back in the spring!

So, thanks Jacob Burns and Lois! To be able to connect with such an appreciative audience is a gift.

Yours, Pamela


3 Responses to “Thank You, Jacob Burns!”

  1. I was in the audience, and I loved your film. It really resonated with me as an artist and a mom. I am still thinking about how we can change this for our daughters. I hope you do bring the film back in the Spring…I told a few friends about it and they all want to know how they can see it. Thanks for bringing us your film.
    Rhonda Hurwitz

  2. I was at the Burns. Nothing was going to keep me from seeing this film! I want you all to know I saw a preview for it about a month before the showing, and knew that I had to see it. I bought four tickets, and started inviting mom/artists friends of mine. I ended up finding an extra friend who came along, too. I loved this film, and was deeply inspired to keep up with my creative work. When people judge me about how I spend my time, I think of Maya saying how people said she was “selfish,” and her courage to not empower this criticism helps me to do the same. Thank you filmmakers, thank the artist moms, thank the kids and partners, and thank the people who support those people, and thank the folks who are seeing the film. Keep the conversation going! Wonderful!

  3. Hello April and Rhonda:

    So happy you came! Thanks for sharing your stories too. I would love to bring the film back to the Jacob Burns in the Spring. We are in contact with the Programming people there…hopefully they will find a slot.

    I too resonate with Maye and the “selfish” conversation. So often, when my children were younger–I felt caught between their needs and mine. I had vowed to take care of my children with patience and love and it was difficult to leave them to go to “work.” My work was upstairs in my house and it did not pay! Writing. Drawing. Sitting at a desk or on the floor with paper and pen. How to justify this exercise?? But, I stayed with it and am very very happy to say, that all three of my sons are doing something artistic.

    I think that we forget that our job as parents, is just as much to teach or show our children how to live, or what makes life worth living–by engaging in work we care about, as it is to intuit and fulfill their needs. It is also so so important to begin to sort out, what they need as opposed to what they might want or wish.

    Also, more than anything, I think one’s children and one’s spouse want their mother, or wife, to be happy…to not look to them for their contentment. A woman who loves her life, is one who makes for a happy household…And does the mother’s mood control the home more than that of the father? I would say yes….it is an awesome power, often unacknowledged and even dismissed, but there, nevertheless. In a world where money making and celebrity seem to rule, it is easy to overlook this power. I think it is up to each of us to use it wisely.

    I often wonder what would happen in the world, if every mother banded together, and said NO– no to violence, to war, to killing, to environmental degradation. And at the same time, said YES–to beauty, to love, to connection, to song, to life–if each of us stepped outside of our homes, our roles and said no–all together.

    I wish you each the best, most joyful season of Creativity and nurturing!

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