Reflections on Taos

It’s been a little over a week since I returned from Taos, where the film played to sold out audiences every evening.  In some ways, my time there- on this far side of an incredibly busy Thanksgiving holiday–our three boys came home; my mother-in-law and my father and my sister-in-law and her husband and three boys–shared the days with us–Taos and the awesome screenings seems like a dream.

My sister, Chris and I met up in Denver and traveled to Albuquerque, then on to Santa Fe for an evening.  We then wound our way up through the mountains under crystal blue skies beside the Rio Grade river–an insignificant seeming stream–that beyond the mountains has gouged the high plains in a long slicing line…

Chris and I stayed in a hotel right on the taos plaza–La Fonda.  At this time of year, Taos is empty of most tourists.  We noticed the silence during the day and the wide velvety night skies littered with stars.  Every morning, I started my day with a large latte at “The World” coffee shop where I could sit and overhear  what’s happening in the community.

The screenings were held each evening at Mondo Kultur and  hosted by the inimitable Mark Campbell–formerly of New York city. Mark runs the Taos Film Society and while his place is small–he brings incredibly good films to town.

So, amazingly–our film was sold out every night!  Mark told Chris and I that this is so usual–sometimes he has just a few people in his audience.  So, to sell out–and to sell out ahead of time, was a tribute to the work of our amazing outreach team–especially Vicky Wright at Artistic License, and Lindsay Richardson from Mystic Artists…

And, of course, our STAR–Maye Torres was a huge huge draw.  Maye came to every screening and did the question and answers with me.

Maye’s three sons also came to the event–and each made a point of telling me how much they liked the film.  This was a wonderful thing to hear–after all, no matter how carefully one tries to tell a family’s story–there is always the chance someone will be unhappy.

So, what a beautiful magical place and what a beautiful magical reception.  Thank you, Mark.  Thank you, Maye.  Thanks you to all of Maye’s family and friends. Thank you,Taos!!



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