Aloha From Honolulu

Co-Producer Kerthy Fix and her family at the Honolulu Academy of Arts screening.

Co-Producer Kerthy Fix and her family at the Honolulu Academy of Arts screening.

Kerthy here. Out with the film at the Honolulu Academy of Arts this week. Here’s my Hawaiian ohana gathered out front of the theater. My four nieces all came — Shauna, Jamie, Chrislin and college-age Melissa — and they have been drilling me for info on Maye, Mayumi, Angela, Camille and Janis ever since. Such a thrill to share the film with my smart young ladies.


5 Responses to “Aloha From Honolulu”

  1. Shauna Hearn Says:

    I am 12, a seventh grader attending Aiea Intermediate School. When I first heard my Aunty Missy (Kerthy) describe the documentary, it didn’t appeal to me at first. I thought that it would be just another boring film that I wouldn’t understand. This film turned out to be much more than I expected it to be. When Maye started talking about how hard it was to be an artist and a mother, it it got relatable. My Anmaa (my step-mom) has been taking art lessons and her work was very good. Then we started to get busier and busier. Soon she started to go less and less until finally she didn’t go at all. I wanted her to keep going for she was so happy when she was finished painting and told us how happy she was. Sometimes when I play soccer, I feel like that too. This made me sad to see she was quitting something she enjoyed doing. This seemed like a struggle many women how have a family face. Being in their children’s lives or doing what they love. These women have seemed to master that but there was a bigger challenge besides that. Getting showings was something that was so hard to do. At first I didn’t understand this because I thought it was just that people didn’t like their work. I hope that things will get better for everybody who is being discriminated against.

  2. Chrislin Hearn Says:

    I expected this documentary to be boring. I am 12 years old. When Aunty Missy told me what the documentary was about, i did not expect it to interest me. While I was watching the movie, I thought about how it was unfair for the women in the movie to have to pick between their families and their artwork. The facts about how lots of art museums did not exhibit women artists work surprised me, because I thought that there were more women artists than men artists, because the women I know are more creative than the men.

  3. I am a student at Aiea Intermediate and went to the documentary “Who Does She Think She Is?” on Wednesday. It was really interesting, and made me realize how unfair the art world is to women. When I think of artist, I think of women, although most of the art in museums are done by men. It was suprising. The women in the movie were easy to relate to and they had stories about the hardship of pursuing art as a woman. After watching the film, I became interested in the lives of the individuals. They each have their own personal stories, yet they are all part of the bigger picture of having to choose between art and raising a family. This documentary is great. It is a good film for all people of all ages. It inspired me to follow my dreams and ignore the negative perspectives of onlookers. I would reccomend this film to everyone I know.

  4. Elyse Clifford Says:

    Congratulations and thank you to all those who worked on this film! I found it deeply inspiring on many levels; as a young woman about to graduate college and pursue a path not clearly marked or encouraged by society, I felt that it was almost speaking directly to me, restoring and strengthening a sense of confidence that tends to wane more often than rise. I very much appreciated the complex portrayal of so many interrelated issues within this one documentary, because it is important to create a multi-dimensional perspective of the issues facing women today, as they are so deeply woven and disguised in society, that sometimes they are barely recognizable. This was a complex topic but I think it could not have been addressed any better! I plan on appealing to the higher-ups at the non-profit movie theater where I work for a showing!

  5. it is a great idea to take your kids in art lesson workshops because it helps them develop “

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