Who Does She Think She Is? in Taos!

Come check out the film this week! Details below:

The film will be at the Taos Film Society this Monday through Thursday, November 17 – 20 at 8pm.

Maye Torres and Pamela Tanner Boll, the director, will be doing Q&A following the screenings.


2 Responses to “Who Does She Think She Is? in Taos!”

  1. Hi, I wish you lots of success with your film. Just the little I’ve seen on the trailers is inspiring. Can’t wait to see the full length film. If you can let me know when it will be coming to Mexico or out on a DVD, that would be great. I posted some thoughts about your documentary on my blog today, helping to spread the word. I know my friends in the States will enjoy going and see your work. Thanks for sharing this with us. Chris


  2. Pollyana:

    thanks! we are still showing the film in a “limited theatrical release” which means independent theaters in some cities around the US.

    I really appreciate your posting on your blog. we will let you know when the DVDs are released.

    yours, Pamela

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