Notes of a Working Mom

Greetings from Boulder.

I’ve stopped here for a visit with my son who is a student at CU. Two weeks ago, he called home to say he’d gotten his foot run over by a car–a very awful accident–and the MRI now shows more than thirty stress fractures.

As his mother, I feel awful for him and am trying to help him deal with the fact that he will not be able to move around on his own for the next two months. The doctors want him “off the foot,” but knowing my son, unless it is cast, he will walk on it and even attempt his greatest love–snowboarding. Ahhh!

Anyway, I am here also to talk about showing the film at the University of Colorado–after getting an email from a young woman who saw it in her Women Studies class and loved it and wanted to know where to get DVDs. Since we are not yet selling DVDs and I’ve not done a screening for the school, I wondered how she had seen it! It turns out, aforementioned son had passed along a screener to a girlfriend who passed it along and it ended up in class. We are straightening out the rights and payment, but, once again, it is heartening to see that the film has struck a nerve–even with young college age-women.

After this, I am on the way to Taos, to screen the film with the Taos Film Society for the week. We’ve had some press, and I’ve done two interviews–so hopefully the community will turn out for the film. Of course, this is the home of Maye Torres–so I do think people will want to see it!


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