Notes of a Working Mom Part II

I found an interesting report on my Blackberry this morning as I looked out over the mountains in Boulder: The Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum.

The good news is that the gender gap is narrowing worldwide. The bad news is that the United States–the wealthiest country–with a long standing policy of educating both men and women–ranks 27th on this scale. Not good.

So, take a look at the report! I feel that Who Does She Think She Is? shines a light on this continued disparity between men and women–hopefully raising awareness so we can address these issues…

In updates regarding my son…hopefully I can take care of him while here in town–even at 21 he needs his parents–and at the same time, do my own work. This parenting thing never really goes away–and life is richer for it.

Someone asked me recently, if I felt that women could “successfully” pursue their callings while taking care of those they love. I feel you can–it shows up in the fine young people each of our artists is raising.

And, on a final note–while my son, Ian lives to throw his body through space and is devastated when he cannot, he is also majoring in art. I noticed he wrote an essay for a class on one Maye Torres.

So, we nurture and we mentor–and our children and our families and communities need both.


One Response to “Notes of a Working Mom Part II”

  1. i really like what you said about pursuing a calling while taking care of your family. i have endeavored to do just that these past 30 years. as a single parent and full time artist with no income other than that which i created with my art, my two sons are both now in college pursuing a creative life of their own as musicians. i think my example of independence and self sufficiency has empowered them both to believe they too can live a creative albeit alternative lifestyle without bowing to the fear of not having a steady paycheck. it can be done and is not without its struggles and its rewards.
    by the way- when can this film be seen in the LA area?

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