Paula takes Billy to the Portsmouth

On Saturday, Oct. 18th, I drove up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to cover the screening of Who Does She Think She Is? in the New Hampshire Film Festival. I was looking forward to exploring this quaint little seaside community. I asked my husband, Billy, to come along with me for the day. He hadn’t seen the film yet and I wanted to share this part of my life with him. Now, Billy could be described as a sort of man’s man…..he works for our local natural gas company digging up holes in the street in all kinds of harsh weather and his idea of a fun social event is sitting at a poker table playing Texas Hold’em for 5 hours! After a few days of plying him with the rewards of going to Portsmouth with me (ie I’d take him to lunch, we could spend a day together without the kids, etc), he agreed to come along for the ride.

It was a beautiful fall day and downtown Portsmouth was creatively decorated for Halloween with these wonderful pumpkin-head scarecrows. The film was screened at the Portsmouth Public Library. There were about 25 attendees including Bridget Lynch, the director of the short film, “Road Show”, which was shown right before Who Does She Think She Is? The reaction to the film was wonderful. People laughed and they cried. They came up to me after the screening and told me how much the film moved them and how they were inspired. They wanted to know where they could send their friends to see it. All wonderful reactions…but I was waiting to see what my husband thought about the film. We left the library and slowly walked back to the center of town. He told me that he was amazed at how powerful the film was. He thought the artists’ stories were interesting and very moving. He talked on and on about the beautiful and detailed artwork in the film. He expressed his anger at the fact that people would judge any type of art by the gender of the artist. He talked all through lunch; he talked the whole walk to the car; he even continued the discussion during our hour ride back to Winchester. I was thrilled by his reaction to the film (though I wasn’t surprised….this film has moved many people) and I was happy, too, that I had a small part in expanding his understanding of the world around him. As it is stated in the film, these issues are not just women’s issues; they are global issues.



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  1. I came across this site by accident really..through actually. The site itself warms the senses but I wasn’t prepared to feel so emotional about the content. I can’t even tell you what feels different but I know this is something I need to see in its entirety .


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