Friday’s Premiere was a HUGE success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the see the film this weekend. We had some wonderful Q & A sessions following the evening screenings on Friday and Saturday, full of laughter and tears.

Check out the 3 star review from the NY Post and great posts on and

The film will be at Angelika through Thursday, so please buy your tickets here and tell your friends to see the film!


2 Responses to “Friday’s Premiere was a HUGE success!”

  1. Hello everyone, film documenter here… I have posted some fun photos of the Friday night event. Please check them out on Facebook, look-up or search: Who Does She Think She Is?
    I’ll post more photos later.

    We had a busy week with the Q&A’s and loved everyone’s responses!

    Cindy Lewis, C. Lewis Studio, Worthington, Ohio
    (also Pam’s Sis)

  2. Sunday Morning the 19th, Nancy Kennedy’s book club watched the movie together. There was a lot of lively discussion afterwards. Everyone walked to China Town for some great noodles. I didn’t photograph at the restaurant – it was too crowded. You can find these photos on Facebook.

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